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Help me hook-up (gay)?

Wow this question again. I'm gunna be very specific or as much as I can. I'm a swim instructor and I teach kids to swim (dw this isn't pedo stuff). Anyway there is another lifeguard on duty that doesn't teach while all of us teach (just there in case we need help) and well I really like him and it is his job to help us in case we need stuff.

Ik I'm probably making a stretch on this but one day all my kids didn't show up so I decided to wait in the pool and during that time he was curious what I was doing. He gave me a quick smile and asked this with a bit of a chuckle. I just told him my kids werent here yet.

Another time he came by my class to make sure I wasn't teaching over the class time, even though I just started my class.

Finally a third time when I was done teaching and all the instructors went in to change I was really cold and told everyone I was taking the shower and as soon as I said that he went into the shower b4 me to wash his feet. But he didn't say anything and his back was turned away from me so I couldn't tell if he did it purposely.

Anyway should I take these as signs that he likes me back? Or am I over thinking it.

I don't have any breaks so I can hardly if not at all talk to him unless he comes by my classes and I can't hit on him in the short time after classes are done in front of everyone.

Any tips? Im 18 and can't legally drink so I can't invite him for that.


Well today he exited the change room as I entered and asked me for my name and another time he wanted to talk to me and as he did that he was walking to the other side of me to get a better view of the pool. But as he did this his shoulder touched mine and moved around until he got to the other side of me. I didn't know what to do and thought it was an accident so I played along as if it didn't happen. He went home really quickly when everyone got into the change room so I didn't get to talk to him. Would that because he was in a hurry or he really did like me back but lost interest. I don't know what to do heeeelp.

Update 2:

I need yo get to the point where its comfortable for him and I to go for coffee. I don't even know if he's also gay and he might take it badly. I won't do anything out of place in front of kids trust me.

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  • 8 years ago
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    What kind of relationship are you looking for? Dating or one-night stand?

    First thing, when we like someone, we ALWAYS tend to over-read signs. ALWAYS. even if they DO mean something, its best if you leave them alone. Its too early and too little and that knowledge doesnt really help, coz everyone doesnt have the same way of expressing interest.

    Right now, leave aside the curiosity and concentrate on befriending him. Cracking a joke (even if its a bad one) is the BEST way to intitiate convo and break the ice. as you start becoming familiar, dont try to keep reading him, just go about your business, and continue to get to know him well. Then start playing hot and cold! be friendly and interested one day, try to avoid him on purpose the next day, smile at him sometimes, other times act like you're annoyed by his very presence. observe his reactions. if he's interested , you WILL come to know, your gut feelings will tell you.and he WILL make efforts and come round. remember, to make this work, he HAS to be as interested in you as you are in him! lastly and importantly, be steady and consistent in your efforts, even if you encounter any setbacks or lack of response from him, coz it might take time if hes not open about it yet. and never ever give up till you hit the dead end! good luck :)

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    8 years ago

    Poor baby. All of your "clues" are ambiguous, could go either way. He certainly likes you. There are other beverages besides booze, like coffee or sodas. No breaks? Then you both could go for a burger, pizza or tacos. The icebreaker question to ask him: what do you do in "real" life? Good luck.

  • 8 years ago

    You can drink coffee, can't you?

    Keep this OUT of the pool area. If you're teaching kids, you don't want some homophobic parent giving you grief.

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    5 years ago

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