2 ingredient alcoholic drinks for parties?

I have grad week coming up soon and I want to know what easy drinks to make. I usually drink crown and coke but I want to have something different for every day. By two ingredient I mean a drink (crown, vodka, etc) and then mixer (coke, oj, sprite, etc)

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    Crown and coke is one of my favorites as well. Coke goes great with most liquors, I've had it with vodka, light and dark rums, whiskey, tequila, some scotch's. Vodka goes great with a lot of things. OJ, tomato juice, red bull, gatorade. A lot of people (myself not included) like gin and tonics. Of course you could buy mixers from the grocery store for a few bucks to make things like mojitos, margaritas, pina coladas, bloody mary's, etc. They usually only require that mix and whichever liquor it requires, ice and blender to make them even better though you don't need it. My favorite go-to easy drinks are probably coke and tequila with a bit of lime juice (Cuba Lima), sprite and malibu coconut rum, or red bull and vodka. When I want to get buzzed a little quicker, I'll go for something like Everclear (190 proof alcohol) and hawaiin punch :) This all coming from a grad student as well so hope it helps :)

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    4 years ago

    get an excellent length watermelon decrease the backside flat so that's going to stand on end, decrease a around hollow in the different end and enable a a million/2 gallon of vodka soak by using and luxuriate in. make certain you take a seat the melon in a deepdish cake pan or something like that.

  • 8 years ago

    Jack an coke, redbull an jager ,skittles and vodka( disolve skittles), vodka an orange juice, vodka and cranberry juice.

  • 8 years ago

    root beer and jager, and 7up and vodka.

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