With a Crazy person on the loose in Calif..?

How do the residents feel about the State not allowing you to own a weapon for your own defense? Has this changed your attitude about your Second Amendment rights? Do you now support the NRA?

Just wondering if real world events have changed your opinions or not??


L T M, Yep I wouldn't doubt it..

Update 2:

PMC, I doubt the Cops would allow that they are smarter than to give up their means of self defense, to bad the Citizens of Calif. weren't as smart !!

Update 3:

Andrew: I would assume he went through a battery of background checks to become a Police Officer. How do you explain the fact he passed those was given a badge and gun and still turned out to be a Loon. By the way I support background checks just saying no system and remove all the risks.

Update 4:

Scott; apparently you support our right to keep, and bare arms, LOL. I was a Street Cop for over 30 years and tend to agree that we have not only the right but the responsibility to defend ourselves and our loved ones. The bottom line is a cop is only minutes away when seconds count. Been there done that !!!

Update 5:

Andrew: Just because someone is fired doesn't arbitrarily mean they should loose their right to bear arms, but than I guess many Libs . automatically jump to similar conclusions..

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  • L.T.M.
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    8 years ago
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    You can bet a bunch of them will be visiting their local gun dealer today. Some buying their first gun ever. Welcome to reality folks. )

  • 8 years ago

    Seeing as how he's only targeting the police, I'm not sure how this impacts everyday citizens.

    Instead, if there were more restrictions on gun ownership, this guy probably wouldn't have an arsenal with which he could gun down police officers.

    EDIT: And then he was thrown off the police force, which, in a reasonable society, would also strip away your right to own an arsenal. Be we're not reasonable about guns, at all.

    Not "anyone who is fired" - anyone who is fired from the police department for misdeeds and for being unbalanced, absolutely. I guess conservatives automatically ignore the parts of arguments they find inconvenient, and invent broad generalizations as a straw man to knock down.

    Source(s): Two sides to every coin, you know.
  • Scott
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    8 years ago

    nope the 2nd amendment shall NOT be infringed upon our fore fathers KNEW what they were doing when they put that one in, seems like tho Our presidents infringing upon that right tho ... doesn't it ... I aways have & always will defend the Constitution and there are OVER 250 MILLION (responsible) gun owners in this country... why do you think petty little dictators threaten us with nuclear weapons , like Kim un puke? and no one comes over here to start a war on US? its because OF that right to "keep and bear arms" .... and all this gun violence we see all around is probably why we need MORE laws like Colorado's make my day laws I'm NOT saying go out and get a fully automatic ar 15 , but even the last one about the guy that went on campus and shot those collage kids (he was deranged... SHOULD have been in a mental institution) but hey what can you say... our GREAT leaders cut funding in a place that had very little funding any way , and the incident that happened on that campus , was a fine example of , the police protecting the kids on that campus , the perp... kept shooting & shooting till the cops got there after a 3 min response and people got killed , until he KNEW that the cops showed up, and then he took out of there just like the little chicken sit he was because he KNEW they were coming after him with their guns. sorry, but I'm NOT sorry, I am and always will be a strong supporter of our 2nd amendment which states CLEARLY (and I quote) " a well regulated Militia, (, <--- comma) Being necessary to the security of a FREE state, ( <--- comma) The RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms , (<--- comma) SHALL not be infringed. ( <--- PERIOD) now wouldn't YOU say that our President is infringing upon that amendment??? ... and I KNOW I am going to catch it from the anti gun activist (like penis MORGAN a blue blood that came over from england... thrown out of his country actually , and comes over here and SPOUTS OFF SH IT about our gun laws when we should help him take his happy A$$ back to HIS country They don't want him and NEITHER do we ) and I can tell you about ANOTHER incident ( there are so many of them lately) the perp, came into a grocery store . pulled a gun on the clerk, She pulled HER gun from under the counter and put one right between his eyes and wa la ... no cops , no courts, no incaratioation... AND no wasted taxpayers dollars for a charlie manson for DECADES end of TRUE story and SAVED taxpayers dollars, and just like L T M said ... welcome to reality. its in our face and time to STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

    Source(s): our 2nd ammendment RIGHT to keep and bear arms END of argument; Our Forefathers KNEW what they were doing when they put that ammendment in and our President is making a mockery of that and our 1st, 4th & 5th ammendment SHOULD be IMPEACHED but stiil the demon crats support him every promis hes made he gone back on, ... and one rember him saying he was going to close gitmo? hasn't happened , remember him saying he wasn't going to (place promise of which single one he HASEN'T broken) AND suspended habis corpis ??? r u ready ???
  • 8 years ago

    If u want 2 disarm the people disarm the cops too. dats wut u tell a lefty!

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