How much longer are we as a people, and the United States as a country going to allow Big Oil to screw us?

And if you believe in Big Government and the Liberal philosophy what is the role of our Government in protecting us from their manipulation??


Out2lunch, you are obviously that, Was looking for thoughtful responses not Smart *** comments, and by the way Oil Company profits, and price at the pumps would be enough of an example for anyone with even a modicum of intelligence....

Update 2:

Ken: do you believe it's only the Republicans who are in the pocket of big oil ??

Update 3:

07, unfortunately I think your right on in your assessment..

Update 4:

Dare2, Agree for the most part, but isn't the primary role of Government to protect the people and if that's the case don't they have a responsibility to rein these greedy bastards in ???

Update 5:

Hertic:OK but doesn't someone ie a Senate investigative committee need to get the details and hold them accountable, I mean come on look how they went after the mortgage companies and I would suggest for in total a lot less $'s??

Update 6:

Edward: yeah but does that make it right, and really in terms of total $'s and impact on the economy are you sure it's less??

Update 7:

Mommanuk: Tend to agree with your position however the track record on alternate energy is at the least despicable, time for some real innovative ideas to surface. Additionally do you feel that there already is a solution that's being hidden/discouraged by Big Oil (not a conspiracy nut) just asking??

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  • 8 years ago
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    I would tend to think it will be for quite a while. They just reelected Obama.

  • 8 years ago

    As long as the oil companies can keep pulling the wool over the eyes of the sheep about climate change. The only way to end their tyranny is to end our dependence on them. But how many times on here do you see people making fun of wind, geothermal, etc., energy and conservation of energy? Until the people get behind it, things will never change. If the people stop using it, the oil companies will go to other countries with their products. But that would mean a whole bunch of people buying electric or hydrogen cars, installing windmills on their roofs, converting all their electric stuff to more efficient appliances, etc.

    Unfortunately, the public will never do this without some encouragement from outside.

  • 8 years ago

    "Big Oil" supplies a product we all (most) use.

    Like any business, they have an obligation to make a profit to sustain the business and make money for their investors.

    It's so expensive because of demand, and the fact that out government forces it to produce many many different formulations instead of standardizing.

    It's overly expensive because the government makes far more money on each gallon of gas in taxes, than those evil companies do in profit.

  • 8 years ago

    Blame wall street more than the oil companies. This plus some unscrupulous dealers. We've got this one gas station food mart who jacks up the price of gasoline between 5am and 8 am every Morning by 10 cents then drops it back to what everyone else charges by 9am. He does this without fail every day because his store is located on a main road and he's the only station on that road and it is heavily traveled.

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  • 8 years ago

    How much longer are the people going tolerate "The World Banking System" ain't as complicated as the pundit's and corporate media tell the public, in-fact it's real simple, A few global JEWS control the value of most nations paper & ink "FIAT" currency. each of the nations citizenship has no say or direct rule & control over the predatory fractional banking system.

    This control shouldn't be in the hands of a FEW, it or direct rule & control over money,business & govt should be in all the citizens hands of what ever nation we speak of, this would be real Democracy that doesn't exist anywhere because of imperial,global, Capitalism.

  • Fred F
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    8 years ago

    Forever if we don't change our driving habits.

    For one thing the old idea of changing the oil every 3000 miles is not very smart.

    Synthetic oil will go at least 25,000 miles.

    Mr. Edison had the right idea about a battery operated car. Too bad cheap oil was

    discovered in Pennsylvania at the time.

  • Arnie
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    8 years ago

    Liberals have it all wrong!

    They seem to have abandoned logic and reason.

    They are Advocates of a policy that empowers a strong federal government to enslave its people with the high tax burden incident to the support of extravagant and unnecessary social programs destructive to both the work ethic among the lower class, and the incentive to innovate and succeed among the working people .


  • Ken
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    8 years ago

    Google NOPEC and see what happened last time the Democrats tried to do something about big oil.

    Bush promised to veto it if it passed. Basically it would have given congress the right to investigate OPEC and big oil for for price rigging.

  • Edward
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    8 years ago

    The real problem is big government they take in taxes 10 times what a oil company makes on a gallon of gas.

  • 8 years ago

    Thank you for those OUTSTANDING and irrefutable examples of how "big oil" is screwing us. Government's role in our lives is clearly spelled out in the Constituton of the United States. Try reading it some time, Sparky.

  • 8 years ago

    Big Government only destroys the economy etc. Big Gov is NOT a good idea and never was. Some people don't seem to get it.

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