The Bold and the Beautiful: Do you think that Steffy miscarried the baby?

Hope sure pushed Steffy kinda hard this past Friday's episode. Do you think that she is going to lose the baby. I know that some people are not fans of Liam and Steffy(STEAM) being together, but I would not wish this on another individual. SMH!!!

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    Lets hope not, she may have saved herself from getting hurt, we didn't see too much after that push.

    I hope this time she will tell Liam she is pregnant.

    Hope will be finding love with someone else soon..(according to the spoilers)

  • 4 years ago

    i'm hoping it extremely is in elementary terms a awaken call or a particular call for Steffie. She has been asserting that their marriage "is greater then in elementary terms a infant" so i'm hoping they are solid adequate in the event that they do lose the infant. human beings do stupid dramatic issues on soaps. i replaced into thinking, considering the fact that Brooke is pregnant and if she does not % the infant she ought to offer it up for addoption to Steffie and Liam if Steffie looses her infant.

  • Looks like she did, her stomach hit that desk hard.

    Hope should be charged with assault whether Steffy loses the baby or not.

  • 8 years ago

    Oh it looks bad I mean she went flying into the desk of course Hope didn't' know that she was pregnant we have to wait and see but she better call the ambulance or get to the hospital really soon

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  • 8 years ago

    It'd be really sad if so. I don't think she or Hope should want anything to do with Liam.

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