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When did vogue dancing become popular and why?

apperently this is a dance craze and i was just wondering. when did vogue dancing ( from madonna) become popular and why? detail please

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    Vogue dancing was an underground dance that was born in gay underground clubs in New York. People danced imitating the poses from the Vogue Magazine covers. One pose after another, and they were dancing like that. It happened in the mid 80's when Madonna was leading the gay underground clubs with her music. She was in the middle of that world and she took the best moves and used them in her "Vogue" video, which made "voguing" a mainstream dance worldwide. Today "voguin" is considered a hip hop dance too along with similar moves like "locking" and "popping".

    She did something similar with Parkour in her "Jump" video in 2005 when Parkour was starting to be known worldwide.

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