Will the Worlds greatest firearms salesman spur another round of gun buying?

As we try and stimulate the economy President Obama is doing an outstanding job of increasing demand for a variety of firearms related items. In his State Of The Union address tonight it is rumored that he will once again call for the Congress, and Senate to take "action" on gun control.If in fact that is the case is he not just motivating concerned citizens to exercise their Second Amendment Rights before he, and his political cohorts by executive order try and limit our access to guns for self defense, and sport??

Just interested in your opinions and, looking forward to our responses....


Ingrid: I'm for whatever it takes to protect myself and my loved ones. And to use your logic wouldn't it make sense to limit cars to no more that 60 mph, knives to only trained individuals, alcohol only after you have proven your sobriety, food to no more than 1500 cals. a day, hammers until you have a background check. All of these "kill" more citizens than guns

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  • 8 years ago
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    First let me say this, The media and the democrats are all calling the AR15 an assault weapon and it is NOT, an assault weapon has selective fire meaning the first click is for a 3 round burst a second click is for full auto meaning when you pull the trigger and hold it it will fire until it has no more ammunition to fire. An AR15 is you pull the trigger and one shot even if you hold the trigger.

    So we have the media and democrats to thank for telling the American people a LIE.

    Now to your question, Yes he will continue to be the best salesman.

    I own several weapons and I will REFUSE to register surrender or anything else the government wants, because we have the second amendment to protect ourselves from a government gone wild almost like they are now. That is what the founding fathers wanted.

  • plants
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    4 years ago

    specific + the untold hundreds of thousands of extra unlawful weapons offered with out history exams or waiting sessions decrease than Obama do, quite, make Obama the superb Firearms Salesman in historic previous

  • Ingrid
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    8 years ago

    Sounds like that you and your Co-horts are for an armored Tank in every driveway.

    Access to military weapons for private Citizens should have been limited LONG ago.

    Are we a developed Country or still the Wild West?

    Don't we all know enough crazies who should never have weapons?

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