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'Ils sont tres amusants.' Why is this French sentence written like this? 10 pts!?

I thought that for the French verb 'amuser', the conjugation for 'ils' is 'ils amusent'. However, the sentence 'ils sont tres amusants' means 'they are funny/entertaining'. Why is it 'amusants' and not 'amusent' or 'amuser' ?

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    Hi, Sara

    In your sentence, the word "amusants" is an adjective, meaning funny/entertaining

    Your suggestion "amusent", would be a verb, and would work in the context "Ils s'amusent" = they have fun

    (It is just a different context, they obviously would not be as funny if they had fun by looking at something funnier than them :) - this is just a joke, don't read too much into it)

    Hope this helps!

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    Lol amusant here is an adjective

    If you were to say ils amusent which should be ils s'amusent that would be conjugated from the verb s'amuser- to have fun ,amuse one self:)

    This can also be le gerondif but I want go into that but you're saying in the sentence ils sont très amusants - they are very amusing. Same as if you were using the verb s'ennuyer- to become bored the conjugated form would be je m'ennuie tu t'ennuies il s'ennuie... Ect but the adjective form would be c'est ennuyant - it's boring or ils sont ennuyants - they are boring. Tu comprends ? Some verbs can be taken and add ant to make an adjective :irriter- irritant (irritating) énerver-énervant (annoying) ect:) et comme Raymond a dit les adjectives peuvent être masculin ou féminin + pluriel

    Amusant - (masc,sing)

    Amusants-(masc, ou masc/fém. pluriel)



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    Basic building blocks of language.

    Exactly like "are" and "amusing" in English.

    "Sont" is a verb. "Amusants" is an adjective (actually it's a gerundive but if you don't know the difference between verbs and adjectives you wont understand gerundives either).

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    The -ant ending is because the tense being used is the 'Gèrondif.'

    This tense is primarily used to form -ing in english, it is formed by taking the nous conjugation of a regular verb and simply adding the -ant ending.

    Hope this helps!

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    It's being used as an adjective. French has a different system than English.

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    @ T'as bien expliquè Raymond je te felicite.

    Give your 10 points to Raymond he's real french knows very well how to defend his mother tongue

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    it means "they are very funny".. the translation explains it all by itself

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