What is the survival rate of leukemia?

One of my friends went to the doctor recently and they said she might have leukemia. They aren't positive yet, but all of the physical warnings point towards it. My friend is 16 and I thought she was pretty healthy. I don't know what kind she might have. I was just wondering what the statistics were for survival. Thanks.

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  • 8 years ago
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    There's different types of leukemia, and the survival rates vary with age. Childhood leukemias in general has one of the highest cure rates of all cancers - most types are better than 90%.

  • 8 years ago

    This is completely dependent on the type of leukemia. However, it's a little hard to believe a doc would tell her or her parents she might have it without giving more info. A lot can be told by a CBC (blood count), both in terms of the count and the types of cells seen. And if there's evidence of a malignancy, a bone marrow biopsy will confirm it. This is generally scheduled asap. How long ago was the visit?

    I mention this because, as odd as it sounds, it's always possible someone is making it up. This is more common than many people realize. My experience has been that the more vague they are, the more likely they're making it up.

    Obviously, I have no way of knowing, especially since you don't say if you heard this directly from her, or from other friends. But if you heard it from her, did you ask what the next step is? And if you don't know what kind she has, did you ask her? If you learned of this second or third hand, then you have to leave it alone, but if you're close to her, I'd want to ask a little bit more about it before getting concerned.

    If she does have it there won't be much of a time lag between the doctor visit and the confirmed diagnosis.

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