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Teenage Boy Troubles?

I am between the ages of 14-16,and I am having troubles. Firstly, the boy I like and I were texting last night and we had a joke that he was hungover when he had the flu. My best friend was annoying me so I texted the boy saying "Help Me, Jane Do is talking about..." And he was laughing and i said that i never laughed when he was hungover. And he said that he's never been hungover, but he's been drunk a couple times, and i was all sarcastic and like "Wow, your cool for getting drunk ;) " and we started arguing about how you have your whole life to do stuff like that. He said that being kid is Bout having fun. I told him that we all have our own opinions, and i wasn't trying to shove mine down his throat. I told him that i cared about him, and didnt want him to be that kind of kid (hes popular) he basically called implied multiple times that I was a *****. Ive never seen him that way. He told me that he has a girlfriend and what not (he doesn't know i like him). I went and asked on of my best friends for help (he's a guy that is sorta my crushes friend) and he said (my friend) that my crush was only being a **** because he didn't know that i was looking out for him because i liked him. I said sorry but he won't reply and its taken me about a year to get our friendship this high up and now its crumbled down. I just want to know of some things that i can say to him or to make things okay. My friend says i should just tell him how i feel. So i did, but he said that he had a GF so i pretended that my annoying friend took my phone because she has before. HELP!

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    If he's 1415 or 16, that's too young to be drinking at all. Period

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