im taking estroven for the start of HRT?

ok so im taking Estroven for the starting of my HRT i was taking two a day i have been on it for about two days now i just want to know has any others out there taken this for HRT MTF and how much if at all did it change your body and looks withing the first month to a month in a half of taking them please if you don't have any helpful info don't bother answering i don't want to have to see how i am going to hell or im so dumb or weird because im in school to get my RN license and im trying to have it where i am already somewhat passable before i actually finish the classes and i still have a while to go

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    7 years ago
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    ymmv, your milagage may vary, it affects everyone differently

    for me it worked fairly quickly I felt the effects within the first few weeks in the breast tissue but I did not see full real breasts for about three months I needed a training bra in about a month but did not need a real bra until the third month.

    I was a B cup by the end of the first year, and my hips and all were developed by the end of the year. My skin and all cleared up quite a bit and after many years much of my body hair has thinned (I have been on HRT for 20 years now)

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