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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 X vs Galaxy S 2 X?

These phones both seem close in specs, it's just I don't know which one to buy. Is the S 2 X worth the extra $100? I basically want a phone that can handle playing games like GTA Vice City and NFS and don't want to blow $400 on an S3. So does anyone have any idea on whether the Ace 2 X or the S 2 X is better?

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    okey you want to play games, right.

    You can try those phone:-

    1. HTC one V

    2. Galaxy ace 2/mini 2

    3. HTC desire C

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    Galaxy Ace Vs Galaxy S

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    What is this S 2 X and Ace 2 X you speak of? I've heard of an S II and an Ace 2. With those 2, the S II would be better. Got Vice City on me phone, runs pretty smoothly.

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    Personally I would go for the Galaxy S 2 X. The S 2 X is now running Jellybean, but yet the Ace 2 X is still running Ice Cream Sandwich.

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