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How do drugs operate against the bible and being a Christian?

What do drugs do to people and how does this affect how they view

the bible and Christians, or Christianity?

You might think about how prevailent drugs are in this age.

When people do drugs, recreational or hard drugs, what does this

do to their ...interest, understanding, willingness to know God?

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    I think recreational drug use is, by definition, a separation from genuine reality. I think that it generally is a bad idea to separate oneself from reality. I think it certainly is harmful to oneself to use recreational drugs under the belief that they "take oneself to a higher plane of thought and feeling", or anything like that.

    If a person is so stressed out in life that he or she feels truly incapable of bearing another moment sober, then maybe it is OK to get a little drunk one day, or maybe even use other drugs one day, in places that they are legal. I think that when people do this, they should be honest. They should admit that they intend to escape reality for awhile, and not act as if they are engaging in some sort of noble self-improvement endeavor.

    I have little patience with people who try to describe their repeated drug abuse as some sort of "growth experience" or "spiritual adventure." That's about as honest as describing masturbation as a wonderful romantic relationship. Astonishingly, I have read from people who actually describe masturbation as good for their personal growth and health, much like some people describe drug abuse.

    I think recreational drug abuse is - at best, a waste of time and life. More likely, it is a serious threat to one's own medical, mental and spiritual well-being and health. I think recreational drug abuse leads to a temporary and unproductive satisfaction that would better be achieved by a more authentic experience.

    Many people who abuse drugs find in that experience enough satisfaction that they don't bother to seek more healthy satisfactions. Even married couples sometimes do this. Sitting around wasted or drunk, a couple might not bother to work on their marriage. After a few years of that, they tragically might well find that their marriage is over.

    I am aware of a statistic about alcoholics and suicide that I think is horrifying. In the United States, about 25% of people who commit suicide are alcoholics. I realize there is a difference between getting drunk once-in-awhile and being an alcoholic, but this relationship between alcohol abuse and suicide should make everyone want to stay sober - or at the most, drink very moderately.

    I think we seek God more eagerly when we find the ordinary world to be unfulfilling. If we abuse drugs or alcohol, we are likely to feel a phony sense of satisfaction that makes us feel we need nothing more. This phony sense of satisfaction can easily keep people from seeking God.

    I have known people who ruined their lives by abusing drugs and alcohol. For some of them, their drug abuse indirectly led them to seek God. That was because their drug and alcohol abuse so severely ruined their lives that they were left with nothing - sometimes not even freedom, as they got sent to prison because of drug or alcohol related crimes.

    For some people who have hit "rock bottom" in life because of drug and alcohol abuse, the experience leads to a very real spiritual conversion. Such people sometimes seek and accept God so richly that they come to enjoy a rich spiritual life permanently. Perhaps the most famous such person is Saint Augustine.

    Saint Augustine wrote about how his life of sexual debauchery and drunkenness was truly abusive, and how he came to accept Jesus Christ, finally being rescued by God from Augustine's wild and abusive lifestyle. Surely it is possible to turn away from an abusive lifestyle, but I think it is possible only with Christ's help.

    Here is a good summary of the chapters of Saint Augustine's "Confessions."

    Abuse of our sexuality, and of drugs and alcohol very often go together. I think it's clear that such self-abuse is harmful to our relationships with all people, including our relationship with God. I think very moderate use of alcohol probably is OK. One reason I think this is that Jesus drank alcohol, and so did many other people talked about in The Bible.

    I have told some addicts that they might try to look at sobriety as a great adventure. To some of them it is truly strange to be sober for more than a day or two, or even a few hours. I think sobriety is plainly preferable to drunkenness or being high or wasted. It seems to me that drug and alcohol abuse is sure to impair one's spiritual growth.

    I am Roman Catholic.

    Peace be with you.

    Source(s): Here is a summary of Saint Augustine's "Confessions."
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  • The ten commandments scene in the bible is exactly like a typical moderate psylocibin mushroom trip. If I had to take a guess, I would say that many of the major religions of the world were influenced heavily by mushrooms. You have a strong sense of love when you're on mushrooms, this feeling could easily be mistaken for the presence of a higher being or beings.

    The only drugs I've taken are weed and psychedelic drugs, and they've only enhanced my interest in science and philosophy. It's opened me up to the idea of a metaphorical "god" that is the universe, but driven me further away from the idea of a religious god. Besides, I've experienced much crazier things than seeing a god in the sky while on psychedelics.

    Of course, keep in mind that a responsible adult taking drugs is not the same as a kid taking drugs.

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    The helmet of Salvation is crucial in that it protects the brain, the cognitive centre and processor of Truth. The brain is protected internally by covers or lids that seal the portals in the brain. These lids keep alien voices from permeating the conscience.

    Those of the Truth hear the voice of Theos (God). The Spirit of Truth accesses the conscience of those belonging to Theos.

    Repeated drug use opens these portals and keeps them open. Open to invasion from the prince of the power of the air. There are many voices (written in NT) which vie for invasion rights to the mind. This is a demonic influence that's very direct.

    Drugs are the equivalent of having the devil whispering seductive lies in the ear. The beginning of an escalating and very gruesome end. Pharmaceuticals had this effect personally. Powerfully dangerous.

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  • carl
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    7 years ago

    I think it is really about the avoidance of suffering. Uncle Joe's answer was insightful. To love others means we need to learn to embrace suffering and die to ourselves. When we instead live to pleasure ourselves we try to avoid suffering or anything that makes us uncomfortable in our pursuit of self satisfaction. In the end we rob ourselves of truly experiencing life and love by living in a fantasy world of self deception. Real life is difficult but it also has its rewards. You cant get to the ressurection without first going through the cross.

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    Drugs , marawana , etc. inhibit the brain to THINK . God wants you to Grow spiritually by thinking .

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  • Skip
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    7 years ago

    Years ago we used to get our drugs from the back door of the convent so increased my willingness to know god.

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  • JohnH
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    7 years ago

    the widespread use of dangerous drugs have already taken their toll on our youth.


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  • Mkemke
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    7 years ago


    it doesnt.

    Stop acting like holier than thou.

    God loves them as much as he loves you and me.

    So does this mean if I do drugs or smoke i can still go to heaven? You go FASTER.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    it depletes the interest to know God..

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