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gaelic translation please?

Im looking into getting a tattoo written in Gaelic, that says "Seize the day". I understand that there is a difference between Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic, although im not sure how different they are. Preferably i would like this to be in Scottish Gaelic if possible.

so far ive heard that "aproveitar o momento" and "aprovitar o dia" essentially say Seize the Day, is this right?

Thanks so much!

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    Direct translations of proverbs don't make sense. I'll give you equivalents of the sentiment 'Carpe Diem':

    "Tóg an liathróid ar an gcéad phreab" = "Take the ball on the first bounce".

    "Is breá í an óige ach ní thagann sí faoi dhó" = "Youth is splendid but it doesn't come twice"

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    The saying isn't used in Gàidhlig, however a direct translation would be in the (2nd Sin. imperative) "Glac an latha" or "Greimich an latha".

    A more likely saying is "Gabh an cothrom" .....take the opportunity / chance.

    Or a proverb?...."Gabh an latha math às a thoiseach"...."take the good day early".

    You really need to understand a language well before committing for eternity.

    Source(s): Gàidheal
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