Information I need to know about immigration in the 1920's?

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I'm working on a new story, this one centered around a young immigrant separated from her parents.

I've done my research and I think I've neared the end of everything I may need to know. However, I want to see what you may know, that I may have missed.

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    In 1918, groups of Hutterites, driven north from the United States by anti–foreign sentiment, had established ten colonies in the Calgary and Lethbridge areas of Alberta and six in Manitoba west of Winnipeg. More hoped to follow, but in 1919 they, along with members of the other pacifist sects, were barred from settling in Canada. They continued to be unwelcome until June 1922, when the regulation was rescinded by the newly elected Liberal government of Mackenzie King.

    Taking advantage of the government’s now more tolerant view of unorthodox religious sects, some 20,000 Russian Mennonites put down roots in Canada between 1923 and 1929.

    In 1923, the government finally abolished the head tax that since 1885 had been imposed on Chinese immigrants, only to replace it with a new Chinese Immigration Act whose exclusionary provisions were so broad that Chinese immigration was virtually banned. The new law went into effect on 1 July 1923, forever after dubbed “Humiliation Day” by Canadian Chinese. From that date until it was repealed in 1947, the Act succeeded in virtually suspending Chinese immigration to Canada.

    When the economy became more buoyant in 1923, the federal government once again set out to court British immigrants. As they had in the past, immigration officials targeted Britons prepared to farm. To lure them to this country, Ottawa initiated several colonization schemes that provided transportation assistance and other inducements. Despite such measures, however, British immigration in the 1920s never reached pre–war levels, over the decade averaging approximately 54,000 persons a year compared with approximately 99,000 annually in the ten years preceding the First World War. Moreover, only a small number of those who immigrated from Britain in the 1920s went into agriculture.

    Although immigration to Canada between 1919 and 1925 was largely restricted to newcomers from Canada’s traditional source countries, there were two notable exceptions. One involved the Russian Mennonites, discussed above; the other, Jews. Even though the Department of Immigration and Colonization was generally hostile to the idea of admitting Jews, placing various impediments in their way, approximately 40,000 Jews did succeed in entering this country during the interwar period, most being admitted by special permit. Among these Jews were 200 war orphans who were brought to Canada in 1920 largely through the efforts of the well–known Ottawa merchant A.J. Freiman and his wife, Lillian, who used their influence to raise $150,000 for this purpose.

    Forging Our Legacy: Canadian Citizenship and Immigration, 1900–1977

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