Why did Canada enter WW2?

It's not like Canada did much in WW2 or we're even needed. No offence, but they should of kept they're business out of the war they had no need to be in. Plus they weren't even attacked.. I don't understand. The allies in WW2 HAD a reason to be in the war.

P.S - Please don't go on how "Americans are stupid" or whatever because we're not.. and no i'm not a "troll"

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    Wow - you clearly haven't a clue.

    Canada, like other nations, had treaties to help, and assist others. As the UK backed Poland, and warned Germany that there would be consequences if Germany attacked that country, Canada felt the same way. Canada was also a very close ally of the UK. We did not automatically go to war when they did, as had happened in WWI. In 1931, the Crowns were separated, so, Canada had to make it's own declaration of war, which it did - in support of the Allied cause, and to prevent the great evil that Hitler was seen to be.

    Same with the war in Japan. Canadians have a huge sense of justice, and we felt the attack on Pearl Harbour was wrong. So, we declared war on Japan a full day before the USA did, even though it was the USA that was initially attacked. Japan did attack Canada directly on the West Coast, and of course, the Germans did on the East Coast, although they mostly did naval attacks.

    Not needed? Canada had the 3rd largest Navy in the war, and the 4th largest Air Force. We had an entire Army in the field (i.e., multiple corps), despite our small population. Something like 11% of our population was in uniform. We were considered the "shock troops," and we were typically given the toughest fighting, as our soldiers were just that good. 1/4 of the Battle of Britain pilots (that saved the UK) were from Canada. I could go on, and on about the Canadian achievements in WWII. We had one of the 5 beaches in the D-Day invasion, and the super important job of clearing ports so that the allies could ship in supplies. Naturally, these ports very heavily defended, so, the fighting was tough, and fierce. We were the only army to actually reach our D-Day objectives on D-Day itself.

    To summarize: Canada will help other countries out of a sense of fair play, and justice. And, while we have a tiny military in peacetime, we fight like demons when we need to - the Germans were always very afraid when a Canadian unit moved in opposite them. We cannot say that Canada won the war by itself, but... after Dunkirk, the Canadian Army was the only military unit capable of defending the UK, as the British Army had been beaten, and lost their equipment. Just another example of just how important Canada was to winning WWII.

    Oh; we helped with the atomic bombs too - the uranium came from Canadian mines, and we had scientists on the project as well.

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    Canada was just helping the Americans and other allies, country's have like bonds where if one country is in war they will jump in and help

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    at the time canada was a colony of great britain. thus when the british levied soldiers from her empire, canada was obligated to provide her share. just like india and south africa were, among others. even today canada is in the commonwealth, with queen elizabeth II as the head of state.

    the canadians were highly proficient fighters during both world wars. in fact, small unit tactics played a major part in ending trench warfare, was initially created by canadian soldiers. just because canada doesnt rush into war as often as america doesnt mean they arent good at it.

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    Before you question historical events online, learn how to use spell check.

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