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why does Israel hate Christians?

They demolish Palestinian Christian's homes, build a "Jew only settlement" on top of that land, and then give the land to some European Jew who never had ancestors from the Middle East. I don't understand why Christians love Israel.

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    Aren't you that troll guy with 20 different accounts, posting the identical question over and over again?

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    You must be getting news that I have not heard. But then, I don't follow Al Jazeera. So far as I know, the only homes demolished were ones that were used to mount attacks on Israel.

    BTW, there are quite a few Christian Israelis, who could probably take over the housing in those "Jew only" settlements.

  • The nation of Israel itself is the creation of the Rothschild banking cartel... These are evil people that literally dwell in synagogues of satan...

    The average Jew at least knoweth God, and most are very moral people... But Judaism also has some darker sects with cabala, talmud, and black magick, these are teachings of the Sons of God (fallen angels)...

    I find that Jews hate Jesus much more than your average Muslim... They despise him, meanwhile most Muslims have admiration or even love for Jesus, but (falsely) viewing him strictly as a great prophet, and a lesser one than Mohamed at that... Don't get me wrong, there's still a huge fundamental difference between Christians and Muslims, because Jesus is the true Messiah and savior... That said, at least most Muslims have respect for Jesus, the Jews go out of their way to call him a fraud...

    No hate or judgement on anybody, that's not my place, just what I've observed...

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    its a geopolitical issue, not the people that have the problem its the government churning the waters to unite the people. Inside u.s. view is different from outside, the information you get is completely different and contradictory to each other.

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