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Is MEDIA BIAS present in Canada? In newspapers or news bulletins?

I know the U.S. has media bias but is there presence of it in Canada?

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  • bw022
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    8 years ago
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    Media bias exists everywhere. Journalists and news organization always have bias in which stories they run, often how they are approached, who they invite on news programs, etc. Some bias isn't political... you'll hear more stories about fires, car crashes, murders, etc. than cub scout meetings, a new school opening, or a local fair. Canadian news programs compete for air time, advertising revenue, etc. same as American networks.

    That said... there is probably less overt political bias in Canadian journalism. Canadian news networks tend to be more self-critical and more importantly the public in Canada is far better educated and less likely to watch puff pieces or those with overtly political bias. Canadians also have deeper traditions of investigative news programs and public broadcasters. Canadians expect tougher questions, honest answers, and key information.

    I'll also point out that Canadians, as a group, have far less loyalty to political parties. Asking tough questions about the government isn't likely to get you the same 'backlash' from insane party supporters in the US. Canadian news also has a longer tradition of being unbiased -- a left over from government run broadcasting days where neutrality was key.

    That said, there are more news sources in Canada and TV news has been declining for some time. Internet is now the top source of news for most Canadians -- although still CBC, BBC, CTV, or others large players. It is more fragmented and you do see a lot more sloppy journalism and news groups with political agendas.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Today's conservative-biased media is helpless when it comes to impartiality because it fails to do what the 'fourth estate' was always expected to do: be a watchdog for scurrilous conduct and government corruption. Newspaper publishers and TV news directors today are managed by media conglomerates who only care about the bottom line. Profitability is paramount. So it's easier (and more 'cost effective') to simply read the press release provided by the government instead of actually questioning why something happened, or whether there might be anything inappropriate going on. Had the Washington Post been under such stringent budget restrictions in the 1970's, we may never have found out about a crooked Republican President who was ultimately forced to resign. Later, we would have never known about a scandal known as the Iran-Contra affair in which nothing seemed to stick to our "Teflon" President, but many of his underlings took the heat for all the misconduct. Nowadays, the media dutifully "reports" whatever the White House press corps provides without any follow-through, in-depth investigation or independent confirmation. The media has the same agenda the government has today: big money and power. It has little interest in upsetting that lucrative "apple cart". Objectivity, impartial reporting, accuracy, balance, fairness, and completeness are not part of the giant news media of today. It will only return when these multi-billion-dollar chains are split up and TV stations and newspapers are returned to independent, local ownership.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Well, it depends..

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