how to clean moldy rice cooker?

last week, I made pork and onion by steaming it in the rice cooker. After dinner i cleaned up, but completely forgot about cleaning the rice cooker. So, there has been some onion and the water used to steam the pork sitting in the rice cooker for about 5 days. I went to use the rice cooker today to steam breakfast and i opened it to find black (or dark green.. its hard to see in my kitchen, lighting isnt that great) mold in the rice cooker steaming tray, then lifted the tray to find a white film (maybe hardened pork fat? it wouldnt break up and go down the drain so i had to use chopsticks to dispose of it) on top of the water with mold on top of it. I threw the whole thing in the sink and turned the warm water on and tried to wash it away. I stood back and tried not to breathe the spores, and didnt use my hands to wash anything since I dont have gloves. then I boiled a pot of hot water, covered the rice cooker and steaming tray with baking soda and filled it up with the hot water. Its soaking now. Is this enough?? or do I need to wash it with vingegar??

I dont have bleach or vinegar on hand since I just moved here not too long ago.. I will need to go out and buy some.

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    You have 2 good answers here.

    May I suggest the following.

    Empty it if you have not already.

    Clean out what you can.

    Fill with hot water to just above the level of the residue you have in the rice cooker.

    Add about 1 cup or more of baking soda and allow to sit or you can even turn it on for a while to keep the water hot.

    After about 1 hour you should be able to pour out the water and using a sponge and a bit more baking soda scour out the inside of the cooker.

    If you just want to add baking soda to the water you have the parts soaking in now that would be fine. But by turning the cooker on the water will remain hot.

    You are not the first nor the last to "forget" stuff in an appliance.

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    Mold isn't usually very toxic unless you are quite allergic. There is mold everywhere, just usually not in large enough amounts to see-that's why it grows so fast whenever there is a medium to support growth. Vinegar will kill it and the spores. Put half white vinegar and half water in the steamer and run it through a cycle. Let cool, empty and allow to air dry. If a smell of mold remains, you can repeat or use a thick paste of baking soda and water coated on all surfaces and allowed to dry. Rinse thoroughly. That should do it.

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    Don't use bleach or vinegar! Believe it or not, Baking soda is extremely useful and effective. Pour half a box in and fill with hot water, let soak for up to an hour. Bakin soda is good for scouring, removing mold, removing odor and cleaning dishes!

    Your question has inspired me to write a blog post about the many wonderful uses of baking soda; so Thank You!

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    you will no longer decide to saturate the interior with water yet take moist paper towels and lay them on the interior if there is dried on gubers or gently rub baking soda to scour out the mould. yet verify you're unplugged and you will no longer have approximately electric powered marvel. verify you permit the cooker sit down for some day after cleansing to make effective it is dry.

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