What do people mean when the say "I don't agree with the gay lifestyle"?

What is a "gay lifestyle" in your opinion. No jokes about churches or anything. I am honestly curious, because when people say "gay lifestyle" I get the impression that they think that gay people are like the Borg, like we share some hive mind and all have the same interests, wants, likes, desires? Do they really think we have no individuality and all live different lifestyles? That there are no gays with wildly varying interests, habits and hobbies?

My assumption is; that what they mean is that they just don't like gay sex, they find the act repulsive. When a mother says it, she really doesn't like the thought of her son getting banged in the butt. (Well, moms and dads, we don't like thinking about what you did to have children either). I don't like straight sex, but why call "sex" a lifestyle? Are you too dumb to understand the difference?


"Gay lifestyle is simply a Man dating a man or a woman dating a woman. And I do not agree with it! So there! lol"

-Way to miss the question. I'm asking why you call it a lifestyle, when it is not. It is simply an orientation, I'd be gay if I never dated anyone.

Update 2:

"But it is a big part of the gay culture of modern America. just read the personals in any gay newspaper in any gay bar."

-It's a big part of the PARTY scene. There are straight mags like Barstool, etc. It's hardly a "gay thing".

Update 3:

"When people say they "disagree with the gay lifestyle", what they're saying (covertly) is that they don't like gay people, but saying that they "disagree with the gay lifestyle" is the conservative politically-correct way of expressing that."

-And I hate being politically correct, which is probably why people referring to gay as a "lifestyle" really irks me. It's like just say what you mean.

Update 4:

"I surprised you don't know the answer to this."

-I want to hear what they THINK they mean.

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  • 8 years ago

    I think "gay lifestyle" is a misnomer: if you put 1000 gays in a room, you'll have 1000 "gay lifestyles". Some gays are strictly monogamous Some gays are quite religious. Some are tee-totalers. Other gays are party animals; others are quite promiscuous; others are alcoholic.

    It's like assuming the "straight lifestyle" means that the husband goes to work, the wife stays home and takes care of the kids, and they attend a fundagelical church on Sundays. There are straight couples who do that, but they're definitely in the minority. Some straight couples choose not to have children; in other couples both the man and the woman choose to work; in other couples the woman works while the man stays home; and in many couples one or both parties are not religious.

    When people say they "disagree with the gay lifestyle", what they're saying (covertly) is that they don't like gay people, but saying that they "disagree with the gay lifestyle" is the conservative politically-correct way of expressing that. (Conservatives have their own version of "political correctness", too.)

  • 8 years ago

    When people are talking about how they don't like the gay lifestyle they are making the argument that gays arent born that way, they chose to be gay. And they dont like that people are ''choosing'' to live like that

  • 8 years ago

    I love it when people say they "don't believe in homosexuality". They're basically saying that quite a large number of people don't exist which is funny. Personally I don't see it as a lifestyle, for me that implies choice. The people who dislike this "lifestyle" are just saying that they don't like homosexuality or homosexuals.

  • HMFan
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    8 years ago

    I think your assumption is mostly correct: that it comes down to a certain squeamishness about sex. But it can also apply to the (very stereotypical) behaviors of "being artistic," enjoying fine art, speaking with a lisp, dressing in the opposite gender's clothing, displaying gay PDA's, being "fabulous," etc. People only see what they see and many people don't know that like everyone else, we have different interests and life paths. Not everyone is a fabulous, screaming queen, but you wouldn't know that to watch the news. But I think it's getting better. There are more people coming out who are expanding the scope of what it means to be LGBT. It's not just the stereotypical, mincing, lisping floral designer anymore. We've got some serious public figure role models now and I only hope that we get more.

    Out LGBT people tend to be rather outspoken about their sexuality as well and they can get rather defensive about it depending upon what is being asked and who is asking. Sometimes this "in your face" attitude can put people off and that, too, may also be considered to be part and parcel of "the gay lifestyle."

    Yes, you'll find MANY people think that LGBT means just sex, sex and more sex. Not many people realize that, just like their own str8 lives, sex is not the be all/end all, only thing to life. I guess what I find kind of odd is that it seems str8 people spend more time thinking about gay sex than gay people do.

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  • 8 years ago

    If someone doesn't "agree with the gay lifestyle," I would suggest they not live it.

    But generally, I think it means the person doesn't like gays, or doesn't understand gays, or, and this is very likely, has gay tendencies themselves.

    And it's funny how many men who don't like gays, love watching two women together!

  • 4 years ago

    specific, why no longer? Sin is, after all, no longer something better than an imaginary transgression in a pretend concept equipment. yet I do would desire to assert, i detect it concurrently a snicker and disappointing whilst gay Christians declare that the Bible would not say gay acts are a sin. It says so distinctive situations and in no doubtful words (Lev. 18:22, Lev. 20:13, one million Cor. 6:9-10, Rom. one million:26-28). To be a Christian, you may desire to have confidence that the Bible is the printed notice of God, genuine? So once you're living your life in a fashion that the Bible in specific states is unacceptable to God, how are you able to reconcile that? this is like being a Black Klansman or a Jewish Nazi. So, by skill of all skill, be gay. Or be Christian. yet, once you would be the two, then a minimum of nicely known your individual hypocrisy in doing so.

  • 8 years ago

    Gay lifestyle means the gay club scene, with the random hook ups, the ecstasy use, and the one night stands. That's not ALL gay people , obviously, any more than being black means liking rap music, or being white means liking starbucks, the red hot chili peppers and farmer's markets.

    But it is a big part of the gay culture of modern America. just read the personals in any gay newspaper in any gay bar.

    Source(s): I guarantee I have more experience in gay bars and gay rallies than you do :-P
  • 8 years ago

    People feel that themselves versus a gay person, that they're just superior. The majority of people are strait, everyone who is thinks EVERYONE else should be too. The gay lifestyle is just as much love as the strait. tell whoever says they don't agree with it to shove off.

    Source(s): Life
  • 8 years ago

    People seem to think that being gay is a choice, so they call gay people being themselves a lifestyle. Slightly less stupid people realize sexual orientation isn't a choice, but think people should repress their homosexuality, because they think it's immoral, and not repressing it, and being open is "a lifestyle". Though that's still incredibly ignorant.

  • 8 years ago

    I think it's mostly people who wish the whole LGBT community would crawl back into the closet so they can lock the door and pretend we don't exist. I don't even think it comes down to sex, they just don't want to see people they don't consider "normal" holding hands and being happy! most of the people you will hear saying this are pretty bitter and twisted about their own lives and don't see why anyone else should have happiness in their life either!

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