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Music editing and computer?

What's a good computer for music creating and editing. Also what's a good program?

My plans are to create some bass throbbing wall shaking songs hopefully that helps.

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    Here are some paid softwares for audio editing,

    - Magix Music Maker

    - WavePad.

    - AVS Audio Editor.

    Google for links. You can check the system requirements for each and consider them when getting a new pc. Anyway more than system specs what you will need is a good audio system, good head-phones.

    Here are some free choices.

    - Hydrogen

    - Temper

    - Dark wave studio

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    Okay to make it clear u want 1) 3Gb of ram walking 1066mhz 2)CPU jogging on 2.6 Core 2 Duo 3) Dvd-/+RW four) Sound card! Ideal sound card creative. 5) mom board, what ever motherboard u need simply to help the cpu and the ram. 6) As for the graphic Card get a ATI Radeon highest $ninety all of that's commonly the money u wish to spend! Highest 750 all of them

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