Can someone help my achieve my dream of becoming a vet ?

Hello , since I was 4 I have always wanted to be a vet ( I'm 17 now ). And now I'm in my last year of high school I know I need to start taking action in pursuing this dream . I'm from a really small province in Canada called Newfoundland , where I would have to leave the province for school. I have a learning problem also , making the chances of me becoming a vet slimmer , but I'm going to try as hard as I can . Right now my plan is to start in a collage here in town where they offer a vet assistant course , and am going to try to spend a lot of time volunteering in animal base jobs such as SPCA and a horse riding stables. I know that larger vet collages look at volunteer experience based around animals when choosing a applicant. I might also be taking Biology and Chemistry in the university in town (MUN). I would really love to become a vet. And sadly I have a average of about a 72 in school where I'm taking on two sciences ( chemistry and biology ) math and English, I know this average lowers the changes of getting into vet school , but anyone who's a vet please help me. My school offers limited knowledge on how to help me find the information I'm looking for , so other then calling vet offices I'm trying myself to find the information online. My dream job could just slip me by if I don't start taking action now , please someone help me .

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    In order to get into a veterinary medicine program in Canada, you must first attend a solid university such as Memorial Uni in Newfoundland. You'd do 60 credits there, or complete your entire bachelors degree. You'd then apply to a vet med program - I think the one closest to you is U of Prince Edward Island.

    There are certain pre-requisite classes you must take at university in order to apply to vet school. They include (this info is directly from the U PEI website):

    Genetics, Microbiology, and two animal Biology electives

    2 university-level Math courses (one being statistics)

    3 Chemistry courses (one being Organic Chemistry)

    1 Physics course

    2 English courses (1 being Composition)

    3 Humanities and/or Social Sciences

    5 Electives in any area

    These science classes must include a lab, and be the ones required for science majors. You will need to get really strong grades in these, and all your other classes in order to have a chance at vet school. Your grades in high school do not matter for vet school. It's only your uni grades they look at.

    In terms of your ability to do that well in these classes - that's something you need to evaluate. I like your idea of taking bio and chem at MUN, to see how you do, and then to decide your next steps.

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