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Why do people say that Americans have no cuisine?

I know that they eat a lot of processed foods, but they have hundreds of good dishes and foods which originate there (much of which are my favorite foods). Where does this idea come from?


Gumbo, pumpkin pie, grits (plain and fancy), clam chowder, hard shell tacos and turkey pie are some examples. The country is fairly large so regional cuisines vary.

Grape jelly and peanut butter are also well liked but I don't know if they count as cuisine.

This question could also apply to Canada, although Canadians don't have as varied a diet.

Update 2:

I must disagree that American food is entirely derived from foreign foods. While most of it is, certain indigenous peoples, mainly in the Southeast and the Southwest, not only grew a large variety of foods but also had several kinds of dishes which are staples of American cooking today. I also wouldn't use the term 'bastardization' because, while that applies to some of the foreign-derived food, much of it is an improvement (although the point of view on that can vary). Remember also that all cuisines of the world wouldn't exist as they do without outside influences.

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    Gumbo is Creole. Mix of French and Spanish.

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    American cuisine is a mix of cuisines from other places, since most Americans came from somewhere else (at least their ancestors did). For example, spaghetti and tomato sauce (or meat sauce) is a very American dish. Most people think it would be Italian, but if you went to a restaurant in Italy and ordered a plate of spaghetti, they would bring you out a plate of buttered spaghetti with no sauce. And, if you asked for spaghetti and some kind of sauce, they would bring out the same plate of buttered spaghetti and a bowl of sauce on the side. The waiter would probably give you dirty looks, too.

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    Technically everything American is bastardized from Europe or other areas. Our language and cuisine are derived from other countries. The dishes that you speak of are all originally foreign dishes that when introduced in America were changed by adding ingredients that are local to our regions.

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    That is a wonderful question! Love it! People are just ignorant, but if you explain it kindly, they'll get it! I think that the idea comes from the fact that most Americans came from somewhere else, so there's no one "history".

    Check out the Culinary Institute of America's "American Bounty" restaurant on-line.

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    I would think that is the fault of motion pictures and the many ads for fast food joints. Most Americans have a varied, healthy diet. Those rumors seem to originate in Canada and the UK. Have you been to a big City in the USA and eaten a restaurant that was not part of a restaurant chain or fast food joint?

    I am also guessing that most of you think Italian food is Meatballs and Spaghetti or pizza. Wrong again. A true Italian meal will consist of antipasto which can be anything from pickled vegetables to a cured meat and cheese. That would be followed by a small dish of pasta then the main meal is usually meat and vegetables. Dessert would usually be fruit and cheese.

    That is the way we eat my house and most of my friends and relative homes. Though admittedly, it is usually just a salad and main dish of pasta or meat and vegetables.

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    america-chop suey

    -sweetcorn relish

    -sweet potato


    -smokey bbq

    -corn chowder

    -maine lobster porboy

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