Where did the term 'limoges' originate from in the context of hockey?

In hockey, the term 'limoges' means a goal on ones own net. I need to know why an own goal is called a 'limoges'.

If possible, please include references as this is for an assignment.

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    I found the idea of this slang interesting so poked around a bit and found the same bot-collected and unreferenced wiki sentence about limoges in several places. Sorry, but that won't help for an assignment. I can only offer my own conjectures about the origin. The wiki mentions that it's believed to originate in New Brunswick which is quite francophone in culture and Limoges is an area in France famous and even synonymous for pottery and gift-ware.

    An own-goal is a bit like an unexpected gift to the opposition that they might be a little embarrassed to receive - one might suppose like giving a fancy Limoges bowl to simple hard-working people. We owe the concept of the white elephant to a similar kind of origin in another culture.

    Alternately, Limoges is a surname and maybe one guy with the name played ice hockey though there is no reference to that connected to the slang term. I'd rule that possibility out unless proved otherwise.

    This is pure conjecture on my part though. You may poke around and stumble upon actual references.

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