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How do I add horsepower to my Buick Rainer?

I have a 2005 Buick Rainer. I am working on a fairly low budget of about 2000 dollars. I can do most of the work my self as I have access the automotive shop at my school. What do I need to give my 5.3 liter v8 some extra horsepower? If I can't do it myself, do you know any good performance shops I could take it to in Toronto Ontario ? Thank you

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    FORGET IT! that engine and chassis was NOT meant for HIGHER OUTPUT! IT is FLIMSY and the BUICK engine is from YESTERDAY engineering department. You can CALL BUICK and ask them for HIGHER OUTPUT Parts, but they will tell you the SAME THING! the BUICK engines do NOT improve easily They are more WORK HORSES with SMALL valve trains and ECONOMY pistons in them! Trade it for an ACURA MDX or AUDI q5 for MORE POWER! and the AUDI can be DOUBLE TURBO CHARGED with NO bad effects. GOOD LUCK!! You can get a BIT more power by using SYNTHETIC MOBIL ONE or TOTAL ENERGY OIL and replacing the STOCK plugs with DENSO or BOSCH iridium plugs. These will get MORE power from each piston stroke as the GM plugs are NOT rated in plug tests any more. They are JUST enough to get you by, thank you! GOOD LUCK

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    Maybe a intake manifold or a new full exhaust system will be sufficient. It`s fairly easy to do with access to a shop and shouldn`t cost over or just around a thousand.

  • for a reversable upgrade, chip the computer.

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