am i expecting a baby?

For the last past year me and my bf have been haveing unprotected sex i started bleeding 4 days b4 my period n only lasted a few days it would fill a whole pad but it wad light bleeding not so heavy i also.took about 5 test from the dollerstore i took all then but they showed up 5 minutes after i took the test with a very very faint thin line and my bf could see the line too

Iv been haveing these symptoms

.rite side hurts



.light bleeding

.back ach

.stomach ach


.peeing a lot

.iv had my second sezuire and it was mini

.white/brown disscharge

.pimples on face just starting

.always hungry

.Diharea Started yesterday

Btw im sapose to start my period on the 28th

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  • 7 years ago
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    im kind of in the same boat as you. i had 3 days of light bleeding about 9 days before my period is due.... AF is due tomorrow and i hope it doesn't come

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