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anime like sao(Sword Art Online)?

i just finish watching sao so i want to watch a new anime so i was wondering is there another anime just like sao it dont to to be a mmorpg.

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  • Ryan
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    7 years ago
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    The .hack// series and Tower of Druaga are somewhat similar to SAO.

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  • klatt
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    4 years ago

    Mabinogi is a loose sport from Nexon. that is a social sport the position in case you experience like it you will get round to doing the generations. (16 of them so a strategies.) there is not any aspect cap as some gamers have reached nicely over 5k stages. Nexon has presented an growing older device also allowing you to rebirth once you hit the age of twenty again to a modern aspect of one, at the same time as the ranges you worked so tricky to get move right into a complete aspect. The participant base is in a lot of circumstances pleasant and effective inspite of the actuality that like countless sport you've trolls and assholes. As for sensible the snap shots are literally not something to die for in spite of the undeniable fact that the have an excellent crafting device and an excellent number of life skills that variety from fishing to carpentry or perhaps hearth making. Nexon also each and every once later on releases a clean puppy mountable or not they're very cool. (the purely top one develop right into a maid and butler.) the get mutually device helps you to create events restricted to in trouble-free terms 8. inspite of the actuality that there are 3 kinds of events; song events so that you and your human beings can play and create song mutually, dungeon events (more beneficial like a raiding team), and social events so that you and your human beings can purely carry out. Now on to my sought after area. PVP! There are 2 kinds of PVP in Mabi. the first is duels, a duel takes ability and attitude through the undeniable fact that play you're struggling with might want to have more beneficial suited rank skills than you or be a larger aspect, yet you would possibly want to win of you are able to out imagine them. :) the different is type of PVP is faction depending. There are 2 kinds of this also, the first being EVG or elf vs popular and the different is PVDK or pally vs darkish knight that you're in a position in trouble-free terms to do as a human personality after g2 and g3. Faction depending is in a lot of circumstances relaxing and a touch chaotic, yet no matter if it is not your project you are able to turn it off contained in the options. purely random information: there is an housing device, there's a remarkable guild device, compose your own song, hit upon the land and locate treasure, bypass river rafting, fly in a warm air balloon, sift sand for gemstones, and far more beneficial. We at the moment have an exceptionally pleasant guild on the server Alexina in case you come to a decision to play we will be more beneficial than keen which will be functional you with something you want.

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