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Why are cartoons getting worse as we get older?

Ok here's the thing, I'm a 21 year old who likes cartoons like Johnny Test, World Of Quest, League Of Super Evil, etc but the cartoons that are on like Almost Naked Animals, Scaredy Squirrel and George Of The Jungle and such are getting annoying now. Why are they still on even if nobody likes them?. Rocket Monkeys is an ok show, but some of the jokes contain excessive potty humor.

Rocket Monkeys:

Scaredy Squirrel:

George Of The Jungle:

Almost Naked Animals:

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    I have noticed that too! They suck lol. My mom used to watch cartoons with me and she says they were better so it's not just a nostalgia thing on my part. They are just too annoying and too badly written, even for little kids. I rounded up my little cousins, busted out the Dexter's Lab and they were hooked! Gotta get them to watch Jackie Chan Adventures next... or maybe Courage the Cowardly Dog...

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    I miss how you could watch reruns as many times as you want and still be excited. Now you want to change the channel after seeing that episode appear for the GAJILLIONTH(fake number) time!

    There's been so much episodes of spongebob yet they show this generations episodes only which are HORRIBLE

  • ABE c
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    I think its because we are wiser and everything just looked cool as a kid. And when we look back the shows just can't compete with the new ones.

    My old faverite was

    Toxic crusaider

    Darkwing duck

    Wild cats (cartoon)

    New ones

    Samurai jack


    Ben 10

    And anime like:afro samurai & xxx holic

  • I'm still a kid and I love reruns from older shows. I noticed newer shows suck compared to the reruns I watch like Ren And Stimpy, Hey Arnold and Recess. I think it is because kids are watching annoying online videos like annoying orange and fred that they only like annoying comedy.

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  • Brian
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    hard to say. they are just trying to keep up with a changing generation i guess.

    there are also graphic ones, ones that show partial sexual content or something crazy like that.

    i remember the old shows when i was a kid

    nothing compared to what is shown today, that's for sure

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    they're just running outta ideas. I mean have you SEEN spongebob? it's really stupid now. I miss the old cartoons back then like courage the cowardly dog, Dexter's laboratory, fosters home, etc (lol im only naming cartoon network shows) well you know what I mean

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    lol omg werd! i loved courage the cowerdly dog, powerpuff girls, and so on. but now even spongebob is starting to suck really bad. generations are becoming more and more stupid and lazy rather then the other way around.

  • Anonymous
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    loss of selfless creativity leading to...........pointless cartoons.

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