What is the evidence that Jesus Christ existed?

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I'm trying to find evidence on people that spoke to him directly, or even wrote about him, other than the apostles. What troubles me is that men have meddled with the Bible.. so, scientists are saying that the apostles simply never met Jesus... how is that even possible? Is there not a way to find a counter argument for this meddling?

Until now, I've found some websites about Flavius, Mara bar Sarapion and Lucian. I'm also trying to find any documents on Jesus' arrest by Pontus Pilatus.. any help?

Thank you.


Historians*, my mistake.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Jesus is possibly the most historically verified figure in history (more so than shakespeare, yet no one questions his existence). the new testament is composed from 5,800 complete or fragmented Greek manuscripts, 10,000 Latin manuscripts and 9,300 manuscripts in various other ancient languages including Syriac, Slavic, Gothic, Ethiopic, Coptic and Armenian. and they all say the same thing. the church fathers span numerous countries and languages and all attest to Christ's existence. Josephus documents Jesus as does pliny the younger. in fact, even nero's burning or rome attests to the christian presence (birthed from its progenitor: Jesus). you have to remember the immense following Jesus had, and how quickly His teachings spread (and it spread despite heavy persecution). even tactus (a roman historian) said:

    "But not all the relief that could come from man, not all the bounties that the price could bestow, nor all the atonements which could be presented to the gods, availed to relieve Nero from the infamy of being believed to have ordered the conflagration, the fire of Rome. Hence to suppress the rumor, he falsely charged with the guilt, and punished with the most exquisite tortures, the persons commonly called Christians, who were hated for their enormities. Christus, the founder of the name, was put to death by Pontius Pilate, procurator of Judea in the reign of Tiberius: but the pernicious superstition, repressed for a time, broke out again, not only through Judea, where the mischief originated, but through the city of Rome also." (Annals XV, 44)1.

    it's actually embarrassing to the nay sayers that they would question Jesus' existence and not tactus, pliny, or josephus (who's documentation for their existence is by comparison a speck of sand on the beach).

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  • 7 years ago

    Scientists are saying the apostles never met Jesus? No, that's ridiculous. Reputable historians are not saying that either; whoever told you that is full of hot air.

    Jesus has affected more lives than any other person in history; more books have been written about him than any other person in history; that's quite an accomplishment for someone who never existed.

    Writers in the 2nd century quoted nearly all of the "New Testament;" they could not have quoted it before it was written. The claim that it wasn't written until 180 AD is totally bogus.

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  • 5 years ago

    There is overwhelming evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ, both in secular and biblical history. Perhaps the greatest evidence that Jesus did exist is the fact that literally thousands of Christians in the first century A.D., including the twelve apostles, were willing to give their lives as martyrs for Jesus Christ. People will die for what they believe to be true, but no one will die for what they know to be a lie.


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  • Nous
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    7 years ago

    The bible is what is called "Faction" A fictional story set in a factual time and place. Thus the time, place and real historical characters are all correct but the fictional characters and stories are not!

    There is not one single mention of Jesus in the entire Roman record - that is right - not one! At the same time as he was supposed to have been around there were a number of Jews claiming to be the messiah - all of whom are well recorded!

    There is not a single contemporary record from any source and even the bible mentions of him like all other references were not written until many years after his supposed death!

    He was supposed to have been a huge problem to the Romans and produced wonderful miracles but still not one contemporary record?

    Even the bible mentions of him like all other references were not written until many years after his supposed death!

    Pilate is recorded in the Roman record as a somewhat lack luster man but no mention of a Jesus, a trial or crucifixion that would surely have been used to make him look brighter!

    At best he was an amalgam of those others but almost certainly never existed!

    Not one word of it is contemporary with the period and was not written until several hundred years after the period the story is set in!! How did the apostles write their books more than a hundred years after they would have been dead?

    The first person to provide a shred of verifiable evidence for Jesus will become world famous and mega rich!

    Ain't happened yet and it never will!

    Please realize that those claims for the Old historians are worthless since they were not even born until long after everyone in the stories would have been so long dead!

    Josephus AD 37 – AD 100

    Tacitus AD 56 – AD 120

    Suetonius - 69 – 130 AD

    Pliny the Younger, 61 AD – 112 AD

    Justin Martyr (Saint Justin) AD103–165 AD

    Lucian - AD 120 -180 AD but he was hostile to Christianity and openly mocked it.

    Pamphilius AD 240-309 AD

    Eusebius AD 263 – 339 AD

    Photius AD 877 – 886 AD

    Thallus - But there are no actual record of him except a fragment of writing which mentions the sack of Troy [109 BC] Showing that he was clearly not alive in biblical times.

    Some even try to use Seneca. 4 BCE – 65 CE but as a Stoic Philosopher he opposed religion yet made not a single mention of a Jesus or Christianity!

    Even funnier is trying to claim Celsus AD ? – 177 AD Who said that Jesus was a Jew who’se mother was a poor Jewish girl whose husband, who was a carpenter, drove her away because of her adultery with a Roman soldier named Panthera. She gave birth to an illegitimate child named Jesus. In Egypt, Jesus became learned in sorcery and upon his return presented himself as a god.

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  • 7 years ago

    There's circumstantial evidence that Jesus existed, but nothing from his time. The people who "did" write about him were not from his time (at least 30 years), and many were doctored by the early Church to fix history. This includes the obvious forgery in Josephus (read the work in context, it doesn't even make sense).

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  • sanity
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    7 years ago

    There is absolutely no evidence to support the historicity of Jesus.

    Josephus' golden paragraph on Jesus had been confirmed to be a forgery. Tacitus did not refer to Jesus. Instead he used the word chrestus, meaning the good, who were persecuted, and the word was later altered to christus, by overzealous Christian apologists who wanted it to mean Christ, but modern technology picked up the forgery and showed the E underneath being overwritten by I.

    Not a single of the 30+ contemporary historians mentioned Jesus. Philo, 20 BCE -40 CE, wrote 800,000 words on god and Jewish way of life and yet failed to mention Jesus who supposedly performed miracles near where he lived.

    There is clear evidence that the gospel was written around 180 CE, a clear 150 years after the purported event, since Irenaeus was the first person to quote from the gospel in 180 CE. We know that stories got edited, altered, redacted, embellished and distorted when passing orally as Eusebius, in the 4th century when writing the history of the church, quote Papias: Papias, a 2nd century bishop, claimed to have heard of the gospel through oral tradition from someone who heard from Peter who heard from Mark. All these are indications that the gospels were not in written form in the early 2nd century, and moreover, not a single gospels were ever found and dated to be 1st century documents but there were gospels found that were dated to around 200 CE (carbon dating would be +/- 50 years accuracy).

    @the Yeshu being hanged from the tree was Yeshu Ha-Nozrim who was condemned to hanging from a tree for 3 days for his heresy in 70 BCE. Sanhedrin 43 contains this event.

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  • 7 years ago

    There is no contemporaneous evidence that jesus existed.

    The gospels, and paul/saul of tarsus, and josephus are all decades after the supposed death.

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  • 7 years ago

    Short answer: The evidence shows that Jesus is just a mythical character and never existed.

    For Jesus-believers, here's the long answer (with evidence), which is needed to cover all bases:

    All reliable evidence points to Jesus Christ being just a myth. There is no reliable evidence that Jesus even existed, and significant evidence that he didn't. The evidence is in the Bible, the other religions of the time, the lack of writings about Jesus by historians of the 1st century, and the lack of writings about Jesus by anyone until a decade or more after his supposed life.

    The story of Jesus can be shown to be just a myth created to fulfill prophesy, cobbled together out of stories from the Old Testament and previous gods and myths -- created in the 40's and 50's by Paul of Tarsus (who exhibited symptoms of epilepsy and had delusions of Christ talking to him), the other apostles, the unknown authors of the gospels in the 70's or later, and many other people. The reliable evidence for this is overwhelming.

    Paul and the other epistle writers don't know any biographical details of Jesus' life, or even the time of his earthly existence. They don't refer to Bethlehem, Nazareth, Galilee, Calvary or Golgotha — or any pilgrimages to what should have been holy sites of Jesus' life. They also don't mention any miracles that Jesus was supposed to have worked, his virgin birth, his trial, the empty tomb, or his moral teachings. To them Jesus was largely a sky-god, who existed in the spiritual past.

    If Jesus had actually existed, Paul would have written about his life, disciples, teachings and miracles. Paul did not write about any of this. Paul even wrote (1 Cor. 1:22-23) that Jesus did no miracles. Also, Paul thought that Peter and James were other (competing) epistle writers. Paul referred (Galatians 1.19) to James as the Lord's brother, not Jesus' brother. Note that "brother" is used about 130 times in the Pauline epistles - with no use meaning blood brother. Paul wrote (in Romans 16:25-26, Galatians 1:11,12) that he knew Jesus through revelation, which is another term for fantasy and delusions. We can also tell that people were accusing Paul of lying, because he attempted to defend himself in Romans 3:5-8.

    If Jesus had actually existed, the gospels would have been written in first person format. Instead, they were written in third person fiction format, often with the supposed thoughts of Jesus. The gospels should also have been original. Instead, Matthew and Luke extensively plagiarized from Mark. The gospels don't even claim to be eyewitness accounts. In fact, there are no claimed eyewitness or contemporary accounts of Jesus - anywhere. All we have are hearsay accounts.

    If the Jesus story were true, his trial would have been legal. Instead, the purported trial was illegitimate under both Roman and Jewish law. The story of the trial is just a re-telling of the Jewish ritual of scapegoating, where one goat is set free (i.e. Barabbas, which means "son of the father") and one goat is sacrificed (i.e. Jesus). In addition, many scholars have pointed out that the entire crucifixion scene is created out of material extracted from the Psalms.

    If Jesus had actually existed, at least one of the approximately 30 local historians of the first century would have written about him. No historian of the first century (including Josephus and Philo of Alexandria) wrote about him or his disciples.

    Therefore Jesus didn't exist.

    The Jesus story also shows extensive similarities to other myths of the time (especially Horus, Mithra, Osiris, and Dionysus). For instance, baptism into the death and resurrection of Osiris washed away sins so the soul could obtain the best place in heaven. Some early Christians attributed these similarities to Satan who went back in time and created the religions that "copied" Christianity.

    Jesus is worshiped on Sunday because he is a sun god, like over a dozen others whose birthdays were also on the old winter solstice of December 25, when the sun is “reborn.”

    There were also over a dozen other deities and saviors who were resurrected (often after violent deaths). Christianity just told the story the best, and managed to get control of the government under Constantine.

    For much more evidence, see the links. There are also several good books on this, including:

    "Nailed: Ten Christian Myths that Show Jesus Never Existed At All"

    by David Fitzgerald

    "The Jesus Puzzle" by Earl Doherty

    "Not the Impossible Faith" by Richard Carrier


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  • John
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    7 years ago

    Unfortunately, 99% of all information about Jesus comes from Christian sources. This is a problem for historians, as it doesn't offer a balanced view.

    However, Jesus is casually mentioned in Josephus and Tacitus.

    Whether you believe that Josephus and Tacitus were redacted is a different argument entirely.

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  • 7 years ago

    I know when I see Jesus he tells me that I'm doing some thing wrong so he just shakes his four- head at me; so I stop talking and start listening to the other person for a change? Jesus whispers my name; no that's the Lord?!? Jesus said... {have a great day now today nomorrow is to late} (have a great day now) Jesus is spirit so you get in the spirit and then you talk with Jesus.

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