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Your thoughts on Vince being furious about CM Punk's piledriver last monday night RAW?

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    Vince has banned so many moves and holds, and turned his "wrestling" matches into little more than a bunch of punching and kicking, he has made the WWE the lowest-quality wrestling in the business.

    Punk and Cena are long-time veterans, in the trenches every night. They know what they're doing. If Vince doesn't trust them enough to do their jobs then he should fire them, and the rest of the veterans, and just put a bunch of wrestling school students in the ring and control their every breath.

    Vince's ridiculous bans and rules and mandates has made the WWE "wrestling" matches the most by-the-numbers and predictable matches in the entire business.

    Punk and Cena pulled off some moves that got huge pops from the crowd. Leave them alone.

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    I agree with McMahon. The move was executed perfectly but what if he didn't? It could've caused a career-threatening situation. And the last thing I want is for my favorite WWE superstar to be forced into an early retirement.


    - That move was not approved by McMahon. It was complete improv.

    - CM Punk does not hate Vince McMahon.

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    Wow" I'm suprised. CM Punk executed the piledriver perfectly along with Cena so I think that no punishment is necessary. The piledriver is a dangerous move I understand, but when a person actually knows how to do one that should be fine. I hope Punk doesn't get anything coming to him because he did it great. There is no reason to be upset, because they both landed the piledriver correctly.

    I hope I helped! :D


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    I don't blame vince one bit,the last thing he can afford is for the face of the company be sidelined with a neck injury,i remember owens botch on austin at summerslam 97,the worse botch i've ever seen,austin nearly sued & he never really fully recovered from that injury,imagine if cena was sidelined,then what would vince do?

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    8 years ago

    Sense when is the pile driver banned?

    CM Punk does not like Vince so i doubt he really cares what his boss thinks

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    Any other wrestlers who did it would have been fined, yet these 2 get a little bit of favoritism from Mr. McMahon. That to me doesn't show a good message to the rest of the people in the back.

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    CM Punk was just following the script that was written and approved by Vince.

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    He did that because the piledriver is band in wwe except if the wrestlers are given permission.they let Kane and undertaker use it cause this is one of their most common moves. cena and punk probably agreed to it while they were disussing the match before the match.

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