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Il Postino movie questions?

•What does Pablo teach Mario about life during their brief relationship?

•Mario asks Pablo, "How do you become a poet?" What does Pablo's answer to this question mean?

•Pablo tells Mario at the beginning of the film, "There are people who, with a strong will, manage to change things." How do these words influence Mario's life after Pablo returns to his home land?

•Explain the significance of DiCosimo's words, "Poets can do a lot of damage to people."

•Explain the significance of the scene when Mario records the sounds of the waves, the wind, church bells, and Pablito's heartbeat to send to Pablo.

•The last scene is told through the eyes of Pablo rather than the eyes of Mario's wife. Why is this important?

•What connection can you make between a postman and a poet?


Can anyone send me a link where to watch it or download it, with English subs for free?

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  • Johnny
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    7 years ago
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    Just watch the movie! It's great.

    Edit: You can download it from The Pirate Bay with English subs

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  • fusca
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    3 years ago

    Il Postino Movie

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