Does anyone know good short stories about a small air plane crash?

I would appreciate if someone gave me a link or something. Best answer gets 10 points

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  • 8 years ago
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    no but i know a joke:

    There are these 3 guys on a plane - a farmer, baker, and soldier.The pilot of the plane said "We might crash. Throw off an item." The farmer threw a pig, the baker a cake, and the soldier a grenade. After the plane lands (safely) all three are walking down the street together. They come to a little boy. He's crying. They ask "Little boy, little boy why are you crying?" He replies "I was playing football with my dad and a pig fell on him." Then they came to a little girl who was crying. They asked "Little girl, little girl why are you crying?" She replied "My mama was teaching me to bike and a cake fell on her." THe they came to a laughing little boy. They asked "Why are you laughing?" He replied "My daddy farted and the house exploded."

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