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Sid asked in SportsBaseball · 8 years ago

Which team has the best outfield?

I know there are a lot of teams with good outfields that I didn't mention below (such as the Diamondbacks, Indians, Nats, Rangers, Reds, etc), but I think these are the best of the best.

**Players listed from LF to RF**

Angels: Mike Trout - Peter Bourjos - Josh Hamilton

Blue Jays: Melky Cabrera - Colby Rasmus - Jose Bautista

Braves: Justin Upton - BJ Upton - Jason Heyward

Cardinals: Matt Holliday - Jon Jay - Carlos Beltran

Dodgers: Carl Crawford - Matt Kemp - Andre Ethier

Orioles: Nolan Reimold - Adam Jones - Nick Markakis

Tigers: Andy Dirks - Austin Jackson - Torii Hunter

Yankees: Curtis Granderson* - Brett Gardner - Ichiro Suzuki

*I know he's injured, but let's suppose he isn't for the sake of it.

I really like the Cards' outfield, they're proven.

But at the same time, the Braves arguably have the most talent, and therefore the most upside.

The Angels' also have a lot of upside, but some questions at the same time too (Can Bourjos hit? Can Trout come close to repeating his unprecedented rookie season? Can Hamilton find consistency, or will he struggle in the start like Pujols?).

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    I think from an overall standpoint, how can you not go with the Dodgeers when healthy. I mean Crawford, Kemp and Ethier are capable of 80homers and 100SB. I mean wow.

    I'll put the Angels in second. Bourjos is holding them back, but Hamilton 40hr and Trout possibly the most complete player in the game right now.

    To be honest, I dont know why you put the Tigers up there. Hunter isnt going to bat .300 again. Dirks is effy. And Jackson is fighting for consistency. I like the A's outfield more :P. Coco Crisp, Cespedes, Reddick. But I'm an A's fan whose still bitter.

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    There's a lot of if's there. If the Dodgers outfield is healthy, they are likely the best. If Heyward avoids the slump he was in last year, and the Uptons play to their potential, they could be the best. If Bourjos can hit, Hamilton stays healthy and Trout avoids the sophomore slump then they're the best...

    Basically I think it'll come down to health. I think you can count out the Blue Jays (Juicer, Batista slumped last year, Rasmus isn't that good), Orioles (Talented but not on the same level...yet), Tigers (Torii is solid but old) and Yankees (Granderson is the only star out of the three). Of the Angels, Braves, Cardinals and Dodgers though? That's tough, and like I said earlier, will come down to who's healthy and who's not. My money is on the Dodgers though, but I'm biased there.

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    I'd say that the Dodgers and Angels are likely to have the most productive OFs, although the Braves' OF certainly has a lot of talent (although, as another poster noted, they're likely to strike out an awful lot as well).

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    Trumbo/Hamilton/Trout... that's a lot of production at the plate, they could pop 100 HRs and close to 300 ribbies. Trout tracking down balls in center is enough to consider them an above average group defensively.

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    8 years ago

    To me, i think that the Braves have the best outfield. Not just the stats but the chemistry too. This outfield has the potential to hit 100 home runs combined + 250 RBI combined.

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    Wimps! enormous time wimps! Wrigley field is the perfect place for a ballgame it relatively is between the few originals left. How unhappy that those pre-Madonnas can not even play under organic situations.

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    The Orioles.

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    As long as they can work on the strikeouts and keep em down, The Braves. (I hope)

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