I need help finding video clips so I can put a short 'movie' together for class?

I have to make a trailer for the book 'Breadwinner' for class.

Please help, I can't think of anything i've seen that has what I need.

It can be from any movie, show, or anything at all that i can find on YouTube so I can crop it if needed and them put them together so it can follow the storyline

It doesn't matter what it is, I just need the following:

-Kids arriving home and greeting their parents

-Family at home, everything normal, then suddenly something happens (can be anything like hurricane, or bombing, blackout....)

- Soldiers entering people houses, scaring them, taking them, whatever, they kust have to be going in somewhere they're not invited. Doing anything like just intruding or destroying or killing or taking people away

- family moving to a hidding place (maybe a scene from anne frank?)

-Soldiers(or anyone else scary) finding/going into a house/hidding place/wherever people are

-Soldier(anyone one else scary, police?) beating [up] someone (male)

-Soldier/police/anyone taking someone with them (like they were captured or something) (male)

-family crying (with no male/father)

-Girl dressing/pretending to be boy (maybe katy perry music video, but perferably little girl)

-girl [bored] at work

-girl digging in graveyard

-people crying (dramatic scene)

-Soldiers/police/whatever walking steets or anywhere

Anything that includes scenes like these please :)

Also, if there's any films of war going on in Afghanistan, or any movie that takes place in Afghan, that would be really helpful

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  • 7 years ago
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    * family moving to a hidding place

    * Poltergeist ( Scene where paranormal forces attack the house)

    * The Possession (The girl and mother cries)

    * Drag Me to Hell (girl digs grave)

    Search for a Indian film (Viswaroopam). This is not completely about War in Afghanistan. May be some scenes could help you.

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  • 4 years ago

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