What is a good anime like steins gate and death note?

What I like about both those shows is how intellectual it is, with so many unexpected plot twists it will make your head spin, you really need to think to follow along. Is there anything like that out there in english dub?

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  • 8 years ago
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    code geass is death note with action gun and mecha scenes i REC

    one outs is death note but in baseball you dont have to like baseball to like the mind **** it gives

    robotics notes and chaos head are animes made by the same creator and there is actually a cameo appareance of the daughter of the house owner guy in robotucs notes

    higurashi (classified as a horror anime but its not vrainless ecerything has apurpose in the plot

    ergo proxy ( alright for this anime you have to pay attention for real. its not gonna spoon feed you like it does in death note where the answers come out in tje mains head directed by man who did samurai champloo and cowboy bebop

    serial experiments lain (mind **** its really wierd

    monster (made by the people who made dearh note but irs about two times longer

    mawaru penguindrum (came out same year as steins gate and was rivals in terms of best anime of the year but it has a rather slow start

    mahou shoujo madoka magica (a genre breaking anime as it takes the magical girl genre and flips it on its head try it

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Dark, psychological, and/or suspense/thriller anime: Paranoia Agent Chaos;Head Darker than Black Code Geass Monster Eden of the East Durarara!! Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Serial Experiments Lain

  • 8 years ago

    watch code geass, and yeah it has a english dub. lot of plot twists and a great soundtrack. dont let the mecha turn you off, the story is much deeper than big robots fighting as you will see!!!

    dont bother with Ao no Exorcist, K, or sword art online. all of them are below-average and should never be compared to masterpieces like death note/steins gate!!!!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Ao no Exorcist:

    It's about the two sons of satan trying to kill their own father (satan), and taking revenge for the death of an exorcist who raised them.


    It's about a highschool delinquent who found and was chosen to raise the demon king's baby.

    Persona 4:

    It's about a highschool student who had his "persona" awaken. He uses his persona to stop the deaths in the whole country.

    Yumeiro Patissiere:

    Finally an innocent anime series. lol

    It's about a clumsy girl who wanted to be a professional patissiere. She met some handsome guys and her love along the way.

    (Delicious show)

    Sword Art Online:

    It's about a teenager who got stuck on a video game. In that video game, no one could escape, unless you beat the whole game. The problem is, if you die in the game, you will also die in real life.

    Source(s): Just some recommendations.
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  • Malik
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    8 years ago

    If you mean you like psychological animes, then i suggest


    Serial Experiments Lain

    Higurashi No Naku koro Ni

    Zetsuen No Temtest

  • 8 years ago

    well if you want plot twists go for Angel Beats and it doesn't matter who you are everyone always loves Elfen Lied.

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