first official concert? :P advice?

Going to my first official concert? I'll try answer your questions too! (:?

i'm going to my first concert soon and I have no idea how i should act there... i mean i have been to band performances, huge orchestra or huge performances...plays, musicals etc but never a "mainstream", pop music concert.. i know it's kinda stupid to ask but how should i act when im there? it's outdoors and there are multiple bands playing that night.. not the best dancer out there either...

i'm going with my boyfriend, it will be very warm when i go...any suggestions for what i should wear for the date? (guys and girls please!)

please give me a detailed answer not simply "just have fun" :P that would be great


maybe some details about what's going to happen? it's a music festival and a lot of artists are coming

Update 2:

Hi Elle!

the shows that day start at noon, but I'll be staying there till around 10-11pm

I'm mostly going for the band "Fun." and "Tegan and Sara", but Wu-tang is going to be there that day, Diamond rings...

Update 3:

and sorry, yea it's general admission. i just ordered my bracelet/ticket, but no seats

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  • Elle
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    7 years ago
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    Hi JJ!

    How to act: If you're unsure, try to go with the flow. Sing along, jump when the people around you jump, stuff like that. Listen to the artists: if they start jumping, jump. If they wave, wave. Sing quietly to the songs you know and mouth the ones you don't. Keep long hair in a bun, keep your elbows to yourself, always apologize when you get in someone's face/step on/elbow them. Don't scream, don't complain, don't try to talk over the music.

    What to wear: Wear a band shirt or tank top that's sort of tight (loose clothing, I've found, is worse at concerts because it snags and gets to be too hot after a while) and shorts. Please don't forget a belt. Make sure you're in closed toe shoes (shoes that have some sort of toe protection are best, like Converse or authentic classic Vans) and absolutely no heels/boots. Your boyfriend should wear a band shirt and shorts, and sneakers. Concerts are no different than sports, really.

    NO BLACK. You will fry in the heat. NO PURSES. It will be misplaced. A small backpack or drawstring bag works best. NO LARGE CAMERAS. It may break or fall, plus, it's jerky. Bring a point-and-shoot or a phone.


    If you buy a shirt, loop it through your belt loop. It's less likely to get lost, plus, it looks cool.

    Take the booklet out of the jewel case and just bring the booklet if you want to get it signed.

    ALWAYS wear deodorant. Bring deodorant as well.

    Wear waterproof makeup. No makeup is concertproof, but waterproof won't come off with sweat.

    Keep your wallet in your bag and a little extra money in your shoes. Don't put it in pockets or bras in case it falls out.

    And lastly, have fun ;)

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  • Barbie
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    7 years ago

    You shouldn't know how to act, you will when you get there. Trust me, if it's a rock concert, YOU WILL KNOW what to do when you get there.

    When it comes to clothing, I usually wear muscle tees because it could get really hot especially if it's a rock concert, everybody's jumping up and down and squeezing each other. Wear something comfortable, probably leggings or comfy pair of jeans and flipflops. No heels.

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  • 4 years ago

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