Can I Put an SSD on a MacBook Pro Early 2011?

Could you have an SSD on a MacBook Pro Early 2011? My current MBP has an 500 GB HDD and I want to make my boot faster and have a faster drive. I'm planning to get 512 GB SSD with 500 MB/s write and read. So could I do this or will I screw my machine?!

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    You could put an SSD on a MacBook Pro Early 2011 model. Replacing the existing HDD to an SSD will increase speeds on your computer, transfer data faster and make the boot time faster.

    To replace the HDD to an SSD:

    1. Backup all data to another hard drive or portable storage device

    2. Buy an SSD with a disk transfer kit

    3. Download a disk image software, such as: Clonezilla, Acronis True Image, Western Digital Disk Image and etc.

    4. Using the kit, transfer all of the data from the HDD to the SSD

    5. Make sure everything is good and restored

    6. Boot up, make sure everything is there

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    Ssd For Macbook Pro Early 2011

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    Yes, you can do it. You have two options, keep your existing DVD drive and replace the HDD, or replace your DVD drive and add an additional storage medium.

    You need to compose a Mac OS X install disk, and backup your data onto an external device. Unscrew the laptop, and locate the 2.5'' HDD. Remove the HDD and plop in the SSD. When it boots, insert the Mac OS X disk and install Mac OS X, and you're fine.

    As for the DVD enclosure, you need to purchase a bay to make it function.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): MacBook Pro Owner
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  • 4 years ago

    definite there is not any difficulty replacing a complicated force with a ssd, in simple terms positioned the ssd extremely of the complicated force and set up your operating equipment as you generally may, this may speed your boot circumstances way up, also in no way ever defragment a ssd because it would want to damage it

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