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Okay, I've decided I'm going to sit myself down and write a full novel and actually complete it instead of writing three chapters then forgetting about it. My plot is that a 16 year old girl gets diagnosed with leukemia (I will do my research about what type and so I can have her experience the correct symptoms etc.) and she is very close to death, but her childhood best friend proclaims his love for her and she is unsure whether or not to allow herself to fall in love with him as she thinks it would be unfair because she knows she's going to die in a short period of time (she does end up falling in love with him in the process of this). She ends up dying at the end and the novel ends with Micah (her best friend)'s speech at her funeral.

My dilemma is that I don't know whether I should have the diagnosis of cancer first or the confession of Micah's love for Tessa first.


Thank you for your time!

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    This sounds interesting! This almost has a "My girl" or "Beaches" type of vibe. IMO, I think the confession should come first. Why? It makes it more dramatic. Any good page turning gripping fiction is fraught with hurdles. What bigger hurdle to them overcoming love than cancer? In fact, you could have hurdles through some of the chapters, then, when they finally do get together, and the readers finally think "yes! Finally!", then hit them with the cancer. Also, this would show strength of character when Micah doesn't desert his best friend in her deepest time of need. Be warned, though, this type of story has been done to death before, so the strength of the novel will have to come through the characterization and the relationship between these two friends. Good luck!

  • If you're saying which to begin the novel with, I'd say neither, but out of the two, the love story should come first. Start off just building up to Tessa falling for Micah. You could even wait to talk about the leukemia until the very end. Just mention the symptoms she's been having, don't actually say she has an illness to start with. Nearing the end, maybe when she's dying or even in Micah's speech, you could reveal what she had. It makes people want to read on ;)

    Hope this helped :)

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    I don't think I'd start with either. No one will care about a devastating diagnosis for someone they don't know-a love confession between strangers right off the bat is hard to invest interest in as well, but is the less troublesome of the two.

    Although it's about teenagers, it's very similar to a few movies and books as it is. 'Dying Young', 'My Girl'.

    To fix that, I'd probably change the deadly disease, start the book with Micah's Eulogy for Tess, go into their love storey, and end it with the unexpected twist-that she went into remission, she's reading his Eulogy at 'His Funeral'-because he got hit by a bus. OR she didn't realize he was also suffering from the same disease she was...Then you can add some sentimental commentary about how being terminal could make you either self-centered because you get caught up in grief, worry, and pain. Or that although life is short, love lasts forever-so being compassionate with those around you will matter more than being wrapped up in yourself. Just don't make it too trite.

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