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How has Canada changed as a nation since its participation in world war one?

Hi I am confused. I just need a paragraph helping me understand how Canada changed as a nation since its participation in world war one.

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    Canada at the time of the Great War was still a dominion of the British Empire, that means that although we had home rule and therefore control of our domestic policies, it was still the British Parliament which controlled our foreign affairs. For example, when Britain declared war on Germany in 1914, the Dominion of Canada automatically declared war as well. After the war, with the rise of nationalism, the Balfour declaration came about in 1927 and finally the Statute of Westminster in 1931 which gave Canada total independence. And indeed since then Canada has been a country fully independent with total control over its domestic and foreign policies.

    As pointed out by my colleague, it is also true that Canada did voluntarily declare war in support of Britain during the Great War, however it was merely symbolic. This is because Canada's foreign policies were controlled by Britain as I've explained beforehand and war was de facto declared when Britain did so in the first place.

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    Canada has had its own constitutions in place since 1763.

    Canadians voluntarily entered World War I under the flag of Britain since Canada did not have its own defence force which could mobilize beyond her own borders.

    Canadian troops proved themselves as brave and determined on the battlefield (sometimes even reckless). This caused Canada to gain respect internationally and helped with esteem at home.

    It put Canada on the map and more immigrants came to Canada to continue the settlement of the prairie provinces.

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