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How did Canada changed since world war one?

How did Canada changed since world war one?

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    ~Canada's sacrifices in the war brought more autonomy from Great Britain, and Canada independently signed the Treaty of Versailles and took a role in the League of Nations.

    ~There were huge social changes because of the war too. Government had become involved in the lives of Canadians, beginning what eventually became a system of social welfare. The war also left Canada with a debt of $2-billion and high unemployment. And it opened up new differences between Canadians - over conscription, labour issues and agriculture policy.

    ~Since the men went to war women had to take over the heavy industry work... This showed that women weren't weak.... It changed the lives of women. Women got the right to vote. Canada was seen as a their own nation.

    ~In the postwar period, there was considerable expansion of industry and agriculture. Canadian railways were extended in the west and, with the exception of the Canadian Pacific, were united and nationalized as the Canadian National Railways. Urban centers expanded, and immigration reached a peak during the economic boom of the 1920's.

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