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People from Lebanon please answer my question!!!!?

Hi, so my husband is moving to lebanon, beirut, for a job opportunity and I havent finished school yet, but i want to follow him so i will continue my studies there. I want to get into nursing. I was wondering if there are other alternatives other than a Bachelors in Nursing. Like is there some sort of college or a 2 year degree that i can do. Also, does having a degree lower than a Bachelor in Nursing, get me any job?

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    Lebanon have very good universities,some of them US funded and i think it will be easy for you to get a scholarship,there are various scholarship programs(not based on grades) for people coming from abroad. A friend of mine who is canadian got a MEPI scholarship in the Lebanese American University.

    A BS in Nursing takes 3 years if you apply for summer as well.

    A 2 year degree i'm not sure. There is something we call "technique" in lebanon and i think it exists everywhere but i'm not sure what it is called, you might get a degree in 2 years but it is not a very good degree(i think they teach in french only),especially that lebanon has too much University graduates.

    I'll try to ask around and update my answer. :D

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