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How to start a conversation with her?

Hey I'm 16 and I'm high school and there's this girl I like now we know each others names and I've only really talked to her once but it's wasn't for very long like not even a minute so I'm wondering how I can start a conversation with her without It being awkward haha. She's in my social class and that's usually the only time I see her. So I could start a convo with her then or after the class is over since we both always go down the same hallway or i could try in class but we dont sit next to each other....But when i do talk to her I'm not sure what to say? I'm a little shy when it comes to the girls that I like. So I want to get to know her then maybe later on down the road ask her out. Thanks for the input and reading this appreciate it

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    Start off by talking to her about your class. Maybe stuff like, "do you like the teacher? how did you do on that last test?"... so on and so forth. Maybe after talking for a few times ask if she wants to start a study group for tests/exams and see if she's interested. Get her number.

    Best of luck man, go get her! You miss 100% of the chances you don't take. I regret not approaching many girls in high school, you won't want to regret it later too. Grow a pair, I believe in you haha!

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