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Barrel racing drills and excersizes for on the trail?

I spend most of my riding time out on the trails ! I recently started my 7 year old quarter horse gelding on barrels about two months ago. Is there any drills/ excersizes that I could do on the trail that would be beneficial for the barrel pattern? Thanks!

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    What I like to do when I'm trail riding, but keeping a horse is shape for barrels is flexing. Flexing their neck before I ride & when I'm just about done. It helps the blood flow in their neck & they be as stuff when you ride or after your ride.

    Another thing I like to do is exercise them in circles(about 10-20ft big) depending on their gait. Always changing te direction after a few minutes. It also helps them flex by elping their whole body bend. It doesn't have to be sharp circles, like a barrel turn, but just by making big circles you can improve their whole flexibility. I always like to backup after these circles,(maybe like 10ft) because backing up helps their back leg & butt muscles.

    A different idea would be to walk/trot & maybe lope(canter) over logs. Starting off slow would be recommended. This helps them pick up their legs higher & helps them be more cautious of how & where they step. It also is a great leg exercise for building muscle.

    There are numerous exercises you can do that doesn't have to be in an arena. Here is a great website I've found for exercises for different parts of a horse's body.

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    Backing up, leg yields, and just getting him to flex when you ask come to mind. And walking/trotting up hills helps condition horses.

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