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Kuga-Chocha (koo-gah) Recipe.?

I don't want a bread or coffee cake or fruit. I'm looking for a German pie recipe. It's made with REAL dairy cream. Not sour cream or milk. Please help!

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    German kuga (koo-gah) recipe

    THE CRUST is what Elaine (the family friend) calls a sweet dough or "cinnimon bun dough". This you prepare as if you were making cinnamon buns (ie: let it rise, punch it back down, then on the second rise roll it out for your pie(s) and lay the dough into your pie plates as though you were making any other type of pie. Let it rise again. Using a fork, poke lots of holes into the crust just as you would when making a pie crust for pudding fillings or lemon pie. Now your crust is ready to go.

    THE FILLING: For each pie you make use 1/2 cup sugar

    1/2 cup sour cream

    1 tablespoon flour

    1 egg

    Beat this mixture well with a mixmaster if you have one.

    THE FRUIT: You can use fresh or frozen strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or peaches. If using frozen (which is actually everybit as good) make sure the fruit has thawed completely. Make sure the berries or peaches are sweetened and juicy. If using the frozen brands that say they are already sweetened, all you have to do is thaw the package and you're ready to go. If you'd rather use fresh or unsweetened frozen, thaw the fruit then sprinkle on some sugar and let them sit for a while - not too much sugar but enough to give the fruit its expected taste. Once the fruit sits for a little while you'll find it made its own syrup. Strawberries are expecially good in Kuga and don't be afraid that the "already sweetened" frozen brands aren't going to be as good - it is easier for you and the pie will taste delicious.

    Place the fruit in the bottow of the pie plate. A little can go a long way, so you'll find an amount that suits you as you try it a few times.

    Pour the sour cream mixture over the top - again, how much you want to use for each pie depends on the size of the pie plate and your own preferences.

    Spoon a little of the berry syrup (juice) around on top of the sour cream mixture in kind of a swirl. Sprinkle liberally (I should say to taste) with cinnamon and bake in the middle of the oven at 325 degrees.

    The kuga is done when you can shake the pie plate a litte and the mixture doesn't jiggle. Start watching for it to be ready after about 25 to 30 minutes or when you dough crust is looking like its getting close to done.

    As an alternative to pie, you can make delicious Kuga on a big pizza pan. Obviously you adjust the amounts to suit the situation - not very much an any of the ingredients is needed and it too is a really good snack.I hope you like it!

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