Does this girl want me to fight for her she keeps ignoring my messages but I think she thinks I'm the one.?

Can you please give me a chance and talk to me again I think your amazing and you always know how to look so pretty. I'm not lying about anything I say I would of told you theese things today but It kind of would of been awkward tell you at the bus stop cause I get to nervous when I'm around a bunch of people :$. I just want to be your friend I'm not trying to stalk you or creep you out. I just need better friends to hang around like I made a couple of good ones today. You think I'm like all of theese things and Im not. I just dont want to be friends so I can get with you and because your beautiful. Thats not it I'm just looking to make some good friends cause I lost most of mine. Can we just be friends?




Hey I was wondering if you wanted to chill or at least talk like not on facebook. But in person cause thats the only way I can show you that I'm not shy and that I have a great personality. I'll be my self and I swear I won't creep you out I'm not like that... Like I don't want you to think I keep talking you and I'm so desperate cause I'm not. I just want you to know I'm a normal guy to be around. I just don't act like myself at school because I always have bad days. Im not the person you think I am. I just want to get know you better. Want to chill at Sir Aurther Carty Or Ashley Oaks you can bring who ever Idc. I just want to get to know you better... Message me back if you want to go or not I don't mind if you say no. because I'm playing basketball at the school if brandon gets home soon. I just want to prove you wrong cause I'm not the type of guy you think I am trust me. Oh and I'll stop sending you paragraphs on facebook now because the only way I can tell you that stuff is in person because its sound like I don't mean it when I just sendi t to you like that on here.

I like this girl so much I used to ignore her all the tiem and make her think i hit on every girl and stuff like that she didnt like me cause i called all fo her friedns perfect and beautiful but I have c hanged now. I said hey to her and she said hey back and she stared at me i think she likes me but i probably creeped her out cause i send her to much sht over facebook because i want to get her to talk to me in person so she dosnt think im like a stalker or creeper. She isthe perfect girl from me she i like a dream girl. Any advice on how to get her to like me cause I think she does because she actually wanted to talk to me in grade 11 but i was to shy and nervous to and i ignored her but i really think she likes me 2 years later i still like this girl i just dont know how to get her to talk to me now because its march break and i was trying to get her to chill she lives right by the school like 30 seconds away from it and i live like 3 mins away. I do anytihng to make her happ. Any advice on how to get her and she is a twin too. Like I wish I knew if she wanted me to fight for her cause I just know she really likes me she just wants me to chase after her but i dont know how?

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    7 years ago
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    Dude just ask her to go out -_-

    If you think she likes you so much then it will be fine.

    If she says no then oh well.

    But its better that you know or else ur obsession over a girl that doesn't even like you.

    Ask her out.

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  • 7 years ago

    Try to tell her you like her in person but if u have to fb is fine

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