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Goats for goat tying ?!? Please help!?

I have been doing highschool rodeo for about a year and a half now , Doing barrels , poles and breakaway roping. I wanted to try goat tying this year. I know how to flip the goat/tie it ect. I'm lookin at buying a couple goats to practice with at home. What breed of goat? Does it need to be a specific sex/ age?

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  • Jenny
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    It does not have to be a specific breed of goat, but I would get a mongrel breed (one that is not purebred, or registered) so it would be less expensive. It does not need to be a specific sex, but I'd go with castrated males (weathers). And I'd go with an adult, or one over 9 months old.

    Source(s): Raising goats for over 20 years, Ex-rodeo participant
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