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Explain Women's football (soccer) for me?

Can you tell me a few things about professional women's football? Like for the National team? How old do you have to be to get on the team? What are the steps to getting on the team? What are the positions? How long does a player usually play during a game? How do you become a team captain? How long is the season? Do you travel much? How many games do you play per week? Thank you so much!

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    1. How old to get on the WNT?

    A: Absolutely no age limit. Mia Hamm started when she was fifteen while Heather O'Reilly started when she was seventeen.

    2. Steps for getting on?

    A. Most of the players on the team plated for the other National Teams (like Under 17 and Under 20) and them worked their way up. Others were scouted when they were in college. Either way it is very, very hard to get on the team.

    3. Positions?

    A. Women's positions are the same as men's haha. The basic four are goalkeeper (plays in the goalie box, can use their hands in the penalty box), defender (plays the lower half of the field to assist in blocking their goal), midfielder (plays near the middle of the field and usually helps forwards and defenders), and forwards (the people who play the upper half of the field and usually score goals.) There are other subcategories like Center Back, Striker and Sweeper.

    4. How long does a player play during a game?

    It depends. It's all about strategy. If by the second half the team is winning 10 to 0 or something like that they'll probably pull out most of their veteran players to give younger players more caps (appearances) and to give the veterans a break.

    5. How do you become captain?

    On the WNT, it is a tradition that during the game of your 100th cap you get to wear the captain's armband. Bring captain is no easy thing. Usually the captain is the oldest player, the one with the most experience of them all. As of right now before the Algarve Cup started it was Christie Rampone, the only player on the team that was on the 1999 World Cup Roster along with Mia Hamm, Kristine Lily and Julie Foudy (all of who are retired). Since Rampone is already in her 30's and has two kids she's expected to retire soon though, probably before or maybe after the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

    6. How long is the season?

    I believe the season is 10 months long with a two month break somewhere but I may be wrong. Unless they are at a tournament they are unlikely to play more than 2 to 3 matches per month, giving them ample training time.

    7. Do you travel much?

    I'd have to say yes. Pretty much all the girls on the team are from all over the United States (except Sydney Leroux, she's Canadian!) so most of them are always far from home during camps and games. For example, Alex Morgan is from California, Hope Solo is from Washington state and Carli Lloyd is from New Jersey. It's pretty ironic since the WNT is currently in Algarve, Portugal for the annual Algarve Cup. Although many of them have been to Algarve more than four or five times none of them are from Portugal.

    8. Not many international friendlies are played. As I said before, it's usually two or three, at most four per month. Some of them are double headers (playing the same team twice in a week). Most of their month is compromised of training and trying to make the roster for cups and tournaments. Some players like midfielders Tobin Heath and Megan Rapinoe are playing their club soccer internationally in France instead in the brand new NSWL (National Women's Soccer League) so they may not be able to show up to certain practices and games due to their tight European schedule. Ali Krieger, who just completed about five or six years playing for FFC Frankfurt, a team in the Women's Bundesliga (the female counterpart of the top tier club teams in Germany). She just recently came back permanently.

    I hope I answered all of your questions.

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    National Teams???

    How old do you have to be to get on the team?

    A: Talent matter most - still around 20.

    What are the steps to getting on the team?

    A: 1st you have to play for Clubs, if you are Best at what yo does, they'll ask you to play for NT.

    What are the positions?

    A: Not sure what yo asking! or Players Positions? if so then search on wiki.

    How long does a player usually play during a game?

    A: better answer would be 90mints!!

    How do you become a team captain?

    A: after Playinf 6 or 7 years !

    How long is the season?

    A: NT Season ? what? per year around 9-13 Official Matches!

    Do you travel much?

    A: for NT only for Events.

    How many games do you play per week?

    A: Only Play in Events !!

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    17 plus years

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