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Jenna asked in PetsRodents · 8 years ago

escaping hamster whats the best cage or alternative cage?

Ok my little monster hamster keeps escaping it's not like I need her 24 hrs she gets to bomb around the house in her wheel and in closed door freely, I had a cage she learned to pop that door open plus the TING TING sound of her chewing the cage at night drove me nuts,I got her the habritrail with the tubes she learned how to pop those open too but using velcro worked great for a month but now she like a acid lol chewing thru the stoppings and the breathing holes playing connect the dots and getting out that way..a friend of mine said to try a plastic bin as a house or fish tank..any suggestions?? thanks


OH believe me she has alot of room ..she has tubes going here and there and everywhere I'd always moving pods around too but I guess a rodent is a rondent that wants to explore LOL thanks you two

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  • S.N.
    Lv 6
    8 years ago
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    Your best bet is probably an aquarium with a mesh lid.

    The reason your hamster is behaving this way is because she's bored. Hamsters need large, spacious cages (at least 30" x 12") to run and play. Habitrails are terribly tiny--your hamster is likely going crazy from the lack of space.

    An aquarium would solve all of your problems. No bar chewing, no escaping. Also, your hamster would be a lot happier in a big aquarium than in a tiny cage.

    The aquarium should be at least a 20-gallon long, though a 30-gallon would be a lot better. Mesh screen lids can be bought separately.

    To secure the screen lid, you can get special clips like these: Two or three sets of those will make an aquarium basically escape-proof.

    Do not get the tiny little red cage suggested in another answer. That cage is WAY too small for a hamster to be happy in.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    A bin cage could be chewed through in so many ways. Your best bet would be either an all metal cage or a glass tank with a strong mesh lid that locked.

    This might work, though i've never seen it in person to tell if it's truly secure:

    Just lock the doors with metal clamps. I use dog leash hooks to make sure my rat can't get out of her temp cage.

    If you go the aquarium route then you'll need a secure mesh lid - they make specific locks for those, or you can weight it down with something. My gerbils are in aquariums and i weight the lids down with books (one on each end).

    ADD (response to S.N.) - Ah, I wasn't sure if that was too small or not. I just wanted to give some sort of example of an all metal cage. I don't own and never have owned hamsters, just rats/gerbils that have been known to escape in the past.

    Source(s): Pet Owner
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    a 20gal tank with a mesh lid is your best bet

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