I want to become a hydrologist. Advice?? Volunteer opportunities?

My dream job is to become a hydrologist. I want to gain hands on experience in the field however through volunteering first.

I am currently planning to focus my degree on environmental sciences (i.e geography, etc).

Where can I find volunteer opportunities with a hydrological company/organization?

Besides this, any advice on how I can get my foot in the field?

any hydrologist out there looking for a passionate volunteer?


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  • 7 years ago
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    In a pure sense, hydrology should include physical as well as life sciences. In the real world, hydrology only focuses on physical sciences, such as fluid dynamics, and civil engineering for dam-building. Based on my experience as a biologist, you will get much further in your career by focusing on engineering than environmental sciences.

    That being said, you should definitely contact your local river authorities, NOAA (National Marine Fisheries), or local engineering firms that do this type of work. Alternatively, you could contact your state game department.

    Good luck!

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