Car keeps stalling out?

Hi i am having problems with my 93 grand am se coupe 3.3l automatic. It keeps getting stuck in 3rd gear and when i come to a stop it stalls cause its wont down shift. Brought it to auto value parts and had it scanned and they said it was the quad drive module failure and 2nd and 3rd gear shift circuit failure. I had it in canadian tire a while ago and they said they cleaned the quad drive module and it seemed to have fixed it but now its acting up again and i have no more money to take it in again. Is there any way i can clean the quad drive module myself and fix the gear circuits my self? If so can someone tell me where to find these on my car and how to fix it? Its really stressful having my car stall out everytime i drive it. Thanks for your time !

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  • Mosche
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    8 years ago
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    Discard old ATF and fill the transmission with fresh oil. I think there's also a transmission oil filter, if yes replace it too. Find Lubro(Liqui) Moly gear protect and use whole tube with fresh ATF. There are also well described procedures of ATF flush in the internet. It will cost a bit, but it should work fine after.

  • 4 years ago

    Had an identical concern years in the past with a Volvo 440. It saved stalling while slowing down at junctions or site visitors lighting fixtures. the subject grow to be that between the spark plugs had broken. So replace your spark plugs and then get the timing checked, additionally i might initiate going to a distinctive storage as all of those close to you look rubbish at their jobs.

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